January 16th, 2010

  • chierii

Effects of fasting with a high metabolism?

Okay, so I have a character that, due to some complications, might not be able to eat for four or five days, at most a week. She'll have access to water with no problems, the only matter here is food.

I need to know what the effects would be, a day-by-day breakdown would be helpful. My gut says she'd probably just feel sluggish and probably a bit dizzy, but I want to double-check, in case there's something I'm overlooking that would make for more interesting writing (or in case I'm outright wrong).

If it's helpful: Female, mid-twenties, extremely active, (probably very) high metabolism, lean/slender, 5'5", ~140 lbs.

I've tried looking up "starvation", "malnutrition", and "famine response" on both Wikipedia and Google, and I've got a general idea of what would happen over a month or more, but not specific enough for a week or less.

EDIT: Wow, I've gotten so many useful responses! I'm not sure what the effects are going to be yet, exactly (there are so many ideas to choose from), but you can bet I'll be using some of the things you guys said. Thanks!