January 15th, 2010


Sneaky Engish wedding, 1960´s

Running off to Gretna Green was not possible in the 1960´s, from what I understand, because of a residency requirement at the time. It would be handy if it had been legal, because then I could make the bride even younger...

My scenario involves an man in his mid-thirties marrying a girl in her late teens. Basically, he won´t have sex until marriage, she´s hotblooded and wants to marry him NOW if that´s what she has to do to get in his trousers. But she knows that her parents aren´t going to like it and wants to keep it quiet. So no Church wedding, to avoid the banns.

I know you need to go to the registry office and put in a notice that you intend to get married. Then there is a two week wait. My main question is, how public is the notice? They are published in the US, buried deeply in the notices. You would have to be looking. Do people actually take notice of the notices? She´s from Ormskirk which has about twenty thousand people,so it isn´t tiny, but isn´t very big, either.

If none of this makes any sense, how could you get married very quietly in England around 1963? The faster, the better!

EDIT: You guys are amazing. I think it'll have to be Scotland! Only one person needs to be a resident. Residency doesn't seem to be that hard to establish, and only one party needs to be there to give notice. I think the only thing that changed in 1977 that would concern my couple would be the residency requirement. Easily solved.

Also, thank you for reminding me that the age of majority had changed. That made a big difference in the options.


Also 'Register Office'! Thanks!