January 11th, 2010

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the penalty for destroying property in California, with conditions

I have tried googling things like "destruction of public property in california" and "california penalty destruction of public property" but I'm getting some really random stuff (mostly not even for california), and wanted to know if maybe someone here can answer my question.

For one of my fic's characters, her backstory is that she has vandalized (for lack of a better word) the jail house of the small California town she lives in. When my story starts, this just happened about three months previous. What would the normal penalty for this crime be in CA? Would she be able to get off with probation and a ton of community service if this was her first offense? (being a small town, everyone would know her as someone who has never made trouble for anyone before) What if she had three or four good character witnesses to testify on her behalf? Would that have any bearing on the penalty whatsoever?

Thanks to everyone in advance!
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Peer of the realm serving in the armed forces, and form of address on a legal document?

Setting: Contemporary Oxfordshire and Warwickshire
Searched: googled peer armed forces UK, marquess armed forces UK, aristocrat armed forces UK, peer army uk, marquess army uk, aristocrat army UK - which turned up some very strange results, as well as much searching back through the britain(misc)tag, which threw up lots of fascinating information but nothing that answered my question. Either my google-fu has failed me utterly, or it's just one of those questions you have to ask people.

Hello again, and thanks for all your help last time.

Still with the same story/series, I have a character (one of the two main character's elder brother) who's a Marquess, inheriting the title at 15 on the death of his parents. Given that, would he have been able to go to Sandhurst and then serve in the Coldstream Guards, or would the duties of the estate (the details of which I'm a bit hazy on) and his status as the current Marquess preclude that? He's unmarried and childless, so if he dies his younger brother would inherit, something he does not want.

Also, if he was able to make a career out of the army, what rank would he realistically reach at around age 36?

Further to that, if he is able to be a serving officer in the Coldstream, how would his name appear on a legal document such as a police statement? Debretts says that "If an officer has a title, or a courtesy title or style, he is addressed in the opening of a letter and in speech in exactly the same way as any other title-holder" but on an envelope and in correspondence "On an envelope the Service rank appears before the title,", though when referring to our titled officer, they refer to him as [service rank][title].

So quite frankly, I'm confused.

Say he's a Lieutenant Colonel, would he be [when signing] The Most Honourable Jonathon Marquess of Atherstone, or The Most Honourable Lieutenant Colonel Jonathon Marquess of Atherstone?

Being Homeless in NYC....

I'm in the process of writing a story, where some the characters are homeless. It is the present day. There may be hints of fantasy but nothing over the top. Here is what I was wondering...

Is it possible to live say in abandoned subway areas, or the areas where the subways just rush by between the stations?

Are there perhaps places that people have just gone to waste? Additionally are there places from say the turn of the century 1890's and on...that have been built on top of that perhaps someone could have come across?

Thank you in advance advice and tips you give. I really appreciate it!

Healing of a through and through GSW and PTSD

I'm writing a story that focuses on two characters, A and B, who were present when a gunfight happened--and character A was shot in the resulting confusion. The plot focuses on the recovery, both physical and mental for A, and the role that B plays in that recovery.

What I need to know is how a through-and-through gunshot wound would heal. I had it go through the ribcage and not injure any of the digestive organs, going through either the spleen or liver, and breaking two ribs, either just in front, or front and back. I was able to find a good bit about the biology/medicine of how that wound would and should heal, but I haven't been able to find out how it would feel while it was healing, and also how long it would take to heal.

Googled: Gunshot wound healing, through and through gunshot wound, broken ribs, broken rib healing, splenic rupture, traumatic liver injury, and other permutations and combinations of similar terms.

The other question is about the psychological recovery. The injured character develops PTSD, and has trouble talking to adult men other than  B after the incident (both characters are adult men, but A is younger than B by almost twenty years). I'm writing most of that from personal experience, but what I don't know and haven't been able to find out is what it's like to experience/observe a flashback that has episodic content--not simply a rush of emotions/feelings originating from the traumatic incident.

Googled: Flashback, PTSD, PTSD symptoms
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Residents names for South Carolina?

In 1980s-90s USA, would there be a nickname or shortened version that people who lived there would use for South Carolina, or would they just call it South Carolina?

I've tried googling 'local names for South Carolina,' 'residents's names for South Carolina,' and a couple of other things that I can't now remember, and got nowhere.

Many thanks!