January 10th, 2010

Style of a particular [mystery] dress

Hello, little_details, and Happy New Year!

A little background info for this query:
Setting: London, date not really set in stone, but around 1882.

So one day I was researching a class paper, and came upon a drawing making fun of the Salon or something of the sort. I noticed a dress, thought it would look rather good on a character, but it never occured to me to take down the information. Smashing good work, I know.

What I've used/searched so far: Cunnington's "English Women's Clothing in the Nineteenth Century," every link in the appropriate 1870-80s fashion pages on Wikipedia and links within those links, "19th century clothing patterns."

So far, I've gotten dresses/styles that are similar but not exactly the same. So I've come to you all with a (really, really bad) drawing I whipped up in Photoshop to see if anyone even recognizes it as a real dress style.

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So first, is this an actual dress? If it is, is there a name to the particular style and around when was it en vogue?
My character is a working class female who would have gotten the dress through the second hand market, so I think it would be plausible for her to be wearing something a few years out of style (I think she'd have bigger worries than if the neckline is unfashionable...)

Thank you in advance!

medical causes of low weight; military discharge without benefits

I'm trying to work out a scenario for a character's backstory, for a roleplaying game in a near-future US setting. Same character as here. There's some fudge factor because of the near-future part, but if I get something plausible under present-day US circumstances, I should be good overall (though I might want to avoid invoking DADT, as that's likely to change one way or another within the next decade or so).

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So, I think I need at least one, if not both, of the following:
Reasons for a teen to be unhealthily thinCollapse )

Reasons for an ex-military person to have no benefitsCollapse )

I'd also, well, appreciate anyone's ideas on either refining the scenario, or increasing the plausibility, or any relevant background info anyone feels like sharing.