January 8th, 2010


Number of steps to the high walkways of Tower Bridge, London

I'm trying to work out a Sherlock Holmes drabble and I haven't been able to find a precise number. I thought it would be an easy thing to find, but unfortunately I've found multiple answers: 311 (which appears to actually be about the monument to the Great Fire), 200, 300, and 239.

I've looked at the exhibition website, and the reconstruction website, I've googled "Tower Bridge steps", "Tower Bridge high walkways", "how many steps to the top of Tower Bridge" and "tower bridge" plus each of the numbers that has turned up, but I can't find anything which gives me a number which carries any authority. I could fudge, but since it's Sherlock Holmes, he'd get the number right.

Has anyone ever visited there and actually counted?

fallen angels

How long until blood-poisoning (sepsis) symptoms might show

Terms searched: blood poisoning, blood poisoning onset of symptoms, blood poisoning timeline (and variations).

Setting: Medieval England

I want to know an approximate timeline from when a person obtains an injury (in this case a small cut) to the onset of noticeable symptoms (for example, fever). Hours? Days?

I keep getting lots of information about the various symptoms and how deadly it can be, but no timeline. The character is an otherwise healthy human male and while active, is not overexerting himself. Also, all information on treatment is modern and involves antibiotics. I know in a pre-modern medical era there was slim likelihood of survival, but what treatments might have had some efficacy? I acknowledge that recovery would be somewhat miraculous given the circumstances, but a 99% mortality rate still allows for 1% survival chance.

I've also spent time looking through the tags to this comm, but haven't really found anything addressing infection or the timelines surrounding it. Most of what I've found merely mentions it being a greater risk than blood-loss to many injuries.

Also, I haven't tagged this because I'm not sure what tag it would fall under.