January 2nd, 2010


Poison Book

I had read in reference to Jing Ping Mei(The Golden Lotus, or The Plum in the Golden Vase) that it was supposedly written so luridly as a murder attempt: that the ink would be mixed with some highly toxic poison and that as the reader got into it and licked his fingers to turn the pages, he would smear the ink on his hands and ingest it. Now, whether or not this is true of the Jing Pink Mei, I highly doubt.

HOWEVER, is it technically possible to poison someone with a book in this way? Let's just assume that it's a pretty toxic poison to begin with, and not one where you'd have to ingest a large amount or you'd more likely get just some vomiting and such. Exactly what type of poison can be worked out(suggestions if you know one way or another would be appreciated), but I'm really primarily concerned about its overall feasibility since it seems to have worked its way into a crucial point in my fantasy story.

There's not much more information relating to this and the Jing Ping Mei than what I just described, and various searches pretty much only turn up answers on what happens if you directly drink modern manufactured ink.
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Rehabilitation after Head Injury

Googled: Rehabilitation after head injury, rehabilitation after traumatic brain injury, rehabilitation after coma, (replaced rehabilitation with physical therapy on all three), checked tags

Setting: US, 2006

Sort of a continuation from my last post.

Situation: Character has a fall from a first-story ledge to a concrete floor below, and winds up in a coma for about 9 weeks. He rises from GCS 4 to an eventual 15. For plot reasons, a lingering effect of the injury is his coordination, and the question's a two-parter.

Firstly, what sorts of exercises would he undergo in the early stages of his recovery in hospital, in regards to issues with coordination? And secondly, how long would he be allowed to stay in hospital? He's more or less a fugitive, and hasn't got anywhere else to go, so would likely want to stay as long as possible, until they finally chuck him out.

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Magical herbs to bring someone home

Setting: Fantasy!Medieval England

I have a wizard who's performing a spell to find someone and bring them home safely. I'd like for said wizard to use a bundle of appropriate herbs tied together with something of the person's, because it's very wizardly and such. The only problem is that I have no idea what various herbs mean, and thereby which herbs he should use so that it would make sense. I've tried searching on neo-Pagan sites but haven't found anything (the sites tend to be rather vague and focus on how to win money when you're gambling). So help me, community-wan Kenobi, you're my only hope.
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Best Parisian lycées?

 I'm writing a story in which a character moves to London from Paris as a result of her parents' divorce, and I'm trying to find a suitable school for her to have attended whilst there. Her family is high-class, with both her parents wealthy French professionals, but I keep being directed to lists of bilingual schools for English-1st-language expatriates, or to lists of high schools in Paris, Texas. From the one list of normal French schools I could find, I'm currently thinking of the Lycée Victor Hugo, but for all I know that could be wildly inaccurate (though they do have a 70% rate of mentions at Bac level, I'm not sure just how good that is).

Can any of you suggest a posh lycée for her to have left behind?

Edit: Thanks for the help guys! Think I'll go for Janson de Sailly for now, but the others were also pretty well suited, so I may switch to them yet.