January 1st, 2010

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Anime, Internet, and Fanfiction Communities in 1995/1996

Setting: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada - 1995/1996
Searched: "Fanfiction history," "history of fanfiction," "fanfiction in 1996," "internet communities in 1995," "internet communities in 1996" "anime fansub VHS tapes," "VHS tap eexchanges anime," among other things - which gave me great timelines of fanfiction history, but didn't answer all of my most nagging questions.

So I'm working on a supporting character for a novel set at the end of 1995 and the beginning of 1996. My goal is create a twelve-year-old author of truly atrocious slash fanfiction.

You'd think that nothing would be easier to research online than fanfiction, and Googling and Wikipedia have given me some good information, but there are still some nagging questions:

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Thanks in advance for any help!

ETA: Wow. Just wow. I knew I'd get a couple of good responses here, but I realize in retrospect that I probably should've turned off my e-mail notification :)

Not that I'm complaining. I have all the material I'll ever need for this character, and then some. Thanks, all of you!
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Pressure to crack human skull from the inside

Setting: USA, modern day

My friend's characters are debating whether or not a swelling brain could cause a human skull to crack, and so my friend would like to know how many psi would be required to crack the skull from the inside.

She has searched "skull cracking from inside psi," "internal skull fracture," "internal skull strength," and "psi to break skull internally," but without any luck, so I offered to post her question here.

Any help is greatly appreciated by both of us. Thank you.

Edit: Thanks to those who have suggested herniation; however, this particular discussion is about the theoretical rather than the practical. So, assuming there were something (not necessarily the brain) inside the cranium exerting pressure, how many psi would it take before that something fractured the skull?