Sarien (sarien) wrote in little_details,

Information about a fairytale

I'm looking for the name of a fairytale, or at the least a site with information about it. Unfortunately, I can only give a vague description of it. Sorry.

I know that there is a girl who lives on a farm (cottage?). One day a bear knocks on her door, asking for her hand in marraige. Her father agrees, because I think the bear offers money, and the girl is taken to the bear's master. The girl doesn't get to see the master's face, even on the wedding night, in the dark bedroom. He warns her never to try to look at his face. Weeks pass and she gets curious, one day lighting a match to see his face. My memory is fuzzy after this, but I know he vanishes and she quests to find him again.

Thanks in advance.


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