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Humans in a hill

Hello there. This is my first post here, heh.

- "humans live in a hill" on Goggle, here.
- "humans lived in a hill" on Google, here.
- "humans live in a hill" on, here.
- "humans lived in a hill" on, here.
- Other website pages I visited and they were not helpful, either.

Okay.. I tried to find a something that I want to research on. It's about humans used to live in a hill, like a homeplace, a long time ago. But I didn't remember where they were from, so with that reason, during my high school time, I was read a historal magazine (maybe national global or something) and I found it very interest about humans who were used to live in a hill many many years ago.
Later, after my gradution, I am doing with my novel book and I want to make something different... somehow, one thing popped out on my mind: "humans lived in a hill." I want to research that again but I don't remember where they were from and how they did build a 'inside home hill'. I tried to find some information about that so Google,, and other website pages are not helpful; they're just off-topic about houses on hills, diseases, and etc etc. That is not what I look for... >_<;;

Will somebody help me to find that information, please?
Thank you. =)


- DarkCougar555

**EDIT: I found many good information and statistics about that. It's pretty easier to find them than I thought. Thank you so many!! I just couldn't remember what it call but I now know what it is, heh.

Okay, I have one last question:
Can underground homes (or other kind of subterranean livings) live near oceans?
Reasons - After I found some links, I now tried to find some places may live near bay, ocean, or others. Seemingly, there are no places could live near the waters unless I may overlook somewhere else on internet. I'd been searched like almost an hour and half. lol **

EDIT II: I got everything I need. Thank you so much for information, resouces and links! I really appreciate it. =D
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