like a shooting star it fades (shewasred) wrote in little_details,
like a shooting star it fades

Cannibalism and disease transmission.

Setting: London, England in 1888

I'm wondering how a person would be affected if they were to, after killing someone, consume that person's kidney, if the victim was suffering from nephritis or a similar disease affecting the kidneys. The kidney will likely be fried before being eaten, if that makes a difference.

I've googled the subject, using various combinations of the following words: cannibalism, kidneys, nephritis, disease transmission. I have found some articles that seem to suggest that in a one-on-one cannibalistic event like this disease transmission is unlikely. I'm wondering if the fact that my cannibal is eating the diseased organ in particular will make a difference in the probability. I can't find any articles that answer that question.

Any help is appreciated.
Tags: ~cannibalism, ~medicine: illnesses (misc)

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