December 30th, 2009


Behavior of tigers in the presence of humans and gunfire

This story is set in our current time period, and the particular scene I'm working on takes place in a desolate region of eastern Russia, just as winter is ending.

If a tiger has just made a fresh kill, and notices a human nearby -- approximately 13 to 15 feet away, and the human moves very, very slowly from kneeling to standing, and keeps eye contact with the tiger -- what is the tiger's most likely reaction?
Would it be likely to just jump at the human? Or stare at him for a few seconds before approaching? Would it growl/roar/snarl etc?

If it is threatening to attack, and another human (farther away than the first one, and located -behind- the tiger) fires several gunshots without actually shooting the tiger, would it be scared enough by the sudden, loud noise that it would flee?

How to withstand torture

Tried googling "withstanding torture," "surviving torture," "how to survive torture," etc.

I'm looking for websites, books, etc. that detail specific techniques used to withstand torture. Everything I've found on Google is geared towards recovery from past torture/ritual abuse, rather than techniques used while torture is taking place to stay sane. I know that military personnel are taught this kind of thing, but I can't seem to find a resource that gives details on what they are taught.

I've got a character who is an experienced spy, and he is waterboarded and interrogated/emotionally abused early on in my story. I want to establish how horrific the torture is, but I also want him to come across as someone who's been tortured before and knows how to deal with it.

Any help would be appreciated!