December 28th, 2009


What the wealthy were doing during 1930s

SO, I've looked in the  tags and my google fu is failing me. Even the Wikipedia page on Rocerfeller is very scarce on how the great depression affected the wealthy, especially Manhattan high society. The Rockerfellers, the Firestones.. What did they have to sacrifice? Were there less people invited to Fiorello LaGuardia's dinner parties?

There is quite alot about the hoovervilles and the soup lines, but where can I find out what happened to the creme de la creme?

Thanks in advance!!
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Using feathers in clothing

This has come up twice now in fantasy settings I've been working on. O.o

So if you have very little in the way of natural resources, but one of the resources you DO have in relative abundance is feathers (pigeon and occasionally chicken feathers in the one setting, a much wider variety of birds in the other), what might you do with them? Any way to spin them and turn them into cloth? Or maybe use them whole in some way for warmth? These people don't have room to grow flax or hemp or cotton and certainly don't have room to graze sheep or goats. One setting does have domesticated rabbits and the other has occasional skins from animals hunted in the Extremely Dangerous Place, so I've got backup clothing sources, but if they CAN do anything with the feathers they have, they WILL.

If it matters, both settings have rather ubiquitous but very limited magic.

googling "feather spinning" and "feather cloth" did not find me any useful results, and I haven't seen anything about feathers as a fibre source on handspinning-related websites. If nobody has a clue I may just go buy or collect some feathers and dig out my drop spindle and see if I can make it work somehow. Heck, I might do that anyway.