December 26th, 2009


Samurai-class women naming customs?

I was wondering if there were any naming customs among women of the samurai class, like the male naming custom of getting one kanji from fathers/grandfathers. My Google-fu (keyword combinations of samurai/bushi women names/naming customs) has turned up nothing, but I'm a bit nitpicky.

Edit: I'm referring particularly to the Meiji, Taisho and Showa periods, but anything from any era can't hurt. :) I'm so sorry I forgot to specify that. *is ashamed*.
plot batman

Charitable Organization for Circus Performers

Googled: Financial Aid, circus performers; charities, circus performers; circus arts charity, circus arts foundation

Setting: United States 1988-2005

I'm writing a Batman fanfiction spinning out of a canon event from 1988, but given that time moves a lot more slowly within comics continuity,I'm thinking that the setting is more like '5 years before the present'.

Is there any national charitable organization in the USA that looks to help retired/injured/disabled circus performers? If there isn't, I can invent one, but if there is, I'd rather use the real name. (Basically Dick Grayson decides that in lieu of a Christmas present he'd like a donation to be made to this organization.)