December 11th, 2009


Creature Construction -- A Rock Climbing Marsupial-esque Humanoid?

So I have kind of a . . . strange question. (Though I gather you get that a lot here!) Actually, I have a few strange questions.

I'm writing a story set in a fictional world (the exact setting is a city centered on a desert oasis and in the nearby canyons) in which there are two species of humanoids (who mostly pretend that the other doesn't exist). Humans (as we known them today, with the addition of magic -- because magic makes everything better :D) are the majority in the city, while the other species lives in the outlands.

The second species is an as yet unnamed species that is basically what humans might look like if we were descended from marsupials, or rather, what we might look like if we were descended from marsupials that never diverged from monotremes -- more on that in a bit. (I figure basically any set of traits is possible with evolution, given enough time and the right selective pressures, but if I mention anything that raises a red flag for anyone, please do let me know.) The main character is a member of this species; he also has a small child.

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And I haven't had a chance to research this yet, but can anyone point me to good sites regarding Japanese bonsai/minature trees? (One of the human characters is a green mage with an interest in them.)

'Kay, I think that's it. (Long post is long.)

Edited: to fix a spelling and word choice mistake.

busted ribs and pregnacy issues

short summery: pregnant woman suffers chest trama before going into labour.

Setting: anybody familiar with the anime/manga one piece? deals with some gender-bending from that series....
i'm not really sure how to explain if for those not....

Searched: quite a variety of terms 'treatment for displaced rib fractures,' 'treatment for displaced rib fractures during pregnancy,' 'back pain during pregnancy,'
... i did find out quite a bit of neat things, but nothing on what i wanted....

19-20 year old woman is nine months pregnant. there is a fight, and she suffers from chest trama. She starts to go into labour, and is rushed away to safety. She delivers the baby and the doctors treat her for her injuries.

originally, i just wanted simple busted ribs, and the plan was to wrap them to heal, but her swollen breasts makes it to difficult to wrap.
-but then i found out that a study shows that wrapping ribs really doesn't do much, that it's better to just leave them be.
-So then I was thinking displaced rib fractures, but i couldn't find any information one how they are treated.

the question here is - what kind of chest trama would she have to have that her enlarged chest would be an issue when treating?
and then - what complications would there be from the aforementioned injury, and what would be their impact during childbirth?

and then, on scar tissue
Say she has an old, thick scar across her abdomen before she's pregnant. know, i know scars don't stretch, so what will happen to the area when she starts to fill out?

- this is my first item posting here - so if there is something i missed, or something that could make this post better, please, please let me know

Borzoi Sounds

Hello! Since y'all have always been such great . . . answerers . . . I have a question.

Basically, I've got a scene wherein a dog is angry and alarmed. This dog is, functionally, a Russian wolfhound/borzoi. A person the dog seriously dislikes - someone he has seen attack his caretaker and two of the other dogs he lives with - has just appeared on the property. The other dogs he lives with - different breeds - are barking, snarling, and growling, but, though loose, not attacking both because this intruder scares them and because they're well-trained dogs. So they're all kind of hanging back/circling, making noise.

Our borzoi-ish dog is mostly quite sedate, and I'm aware that borzoi are typically very quiet, mostly because that's all that comes up when you search things like, "borzoi bark." Many websites tell me that borzoi rarely bark, but none will tell me what it sounds like when they do. (Have tried various search combinations, including, "borzoi," "russian wolfhound," "growl," "snarl," "bark sound," "sounds," and so on.)

What would such a dog likely do? Using similar search terms (left out "sounds," of course, but tried "angry"), I couldn't find any pictures of snarling borzoi, either. Mostly, I'm wondering whether borzoi, being hounds, ever bay (found one website that seemed to refer to this, but it was unclear) or have any distinct sounds of aggression or warning. Would also love descriptions of angry-borzoi body language, especially if it differs from that of a typical angry dog.