December 10th, 2009

Scotish Highlands Highway Inn, aprox. 1975

Setting: Scotland/Scottish Highlands, 1976 (most likely, but definitely somewhere between 1975 and 1978).
Searches: "motels scotland 1970s" "scottish motel 1975" "inn scotland 1975" (apparently, for them British means only English)

I resorted to browsing/searching through the Yellow Pages website, but I realised quickly that the buildings I got looked too modern.

The idea and the factual part would like to coincide somewhere. Right now I'm just having trouble getting the factual part down.

Basically, I have a couple (male&female, teenagers of about 16-17, what would be a sort of middle class upbringing, but that is still up for debate and maybe not so important for my question) who are undergoing the equivalent of a road trip (of sorts) through the Scottish countryside. Their starting point is up north and quite secluded in the Scottish Highlands. Their trip lasts for about 3-4 days before they head back to their starting point. They make two stops in these 3-4 days.

Firstly, being very exhausted, they crash at a nondescript inn/motel and leave early again in the morning (it's a brief stop and they reach and depart from the inn/model while it's still dark or thereabouts out). The second stop, however, would mean they stay the night, spend the day, and then again the next night before departing/retracing their steps.

The issue that bugs me the most is that I want to really avoid making any factual mistakes especially regarding the year. I'd be very interested to know what such a locale would look like, how the staff would generally behave (also considering they have two unmarried teenagers on their hands who might or might not be a tad dodgy), what they would charge for one night, what they would serve as food/drink, and any other details regarding its appearance.

Also, I'm using inn/motel as a general term. By that I mean something that is quite small, with maybe 5-10 guests staying there at any one time. The less fancy, the better.

Links and/or pictures would be greatly appreciated.

17th century - scottish highlands

scottish highlands - 17th century - area: beauly and isle cárn bán

details requested, letters from the clan chiefs (fraser both branches), articles in papers (edinburgh, gatherings of highland chiefs that discussed what to do etc

hope this is clearer!


my story takes place in the years before the glorious revolution and i want to slowly start to prepare my characters, that something will happen - therefore i thought about them receiving formal letters or something - or that there are little riots starting all over the uk. my story basicly plays in the highlands, so whatever the heralds were - i need them to have taken place there.

so my question is . . .
what time did the glorious revolution actually start - i mean there is an official year 1689, but these things don't just happen. they usually start slowly and all sort of things that happen in advance cause it . . . can someone maybe give me a few examples of the heralds. maybe even letters of that time in which they pick sides (best is if they take sides for king james).

Help with a disease!

Here's the disease I need help with. Can anyone name another disease similar to this one (NOT Spanish Flu - doesn't meet criterion #3)?

1. Infectious disease (preferably a virus)

2. Primarily strikes down people in their prime

3. Doesn't affect children as badly, if at all

4. Can affect the brain

I'm making *up* a disease for a science fiction themed game, but any info on existing diseases will help me out in creating a realistic illness. #3 is the case for the fake disease, but if I knew of real diseases like this, I might be able to come up with a quasi convincing explanation that wasn't Star Trek technobabble.

Thanks. :)

Graze gunshot wounds

First time posting here, so hopefully I get this right!

Setting: modern day; all over the world but with this specific scene in Israel

Searched: 'bullet wounds', 'gunshot wounds', 'gunshot wound grazing', 'graze gunshot wound', 'how much graze gunshot wounds bleed'. I learned how to identify what direction the bullet came from in graze gunshot wounds, but sadly not the answer to my question. I also looked back through all the past posts on gunshot wounds in this community.

My character is a 30 year old man in good health who gets grazed by a bullet on his upper arm, just below his shoulder. He's involved in a car chase situation, where both vehicles are traveling upwards of 70 mph. The shot comes from about 30 feet away from a handgun. He isn't driving; he's facing the shooters, so the shot would come from the front.

Now, from what I've gathered from previous posts in this community on the subject of graze wounds, this would hurt a lot, but not be incapacitating. Correct me if I'm wrong! My question is, how much would a wound like this bleed? Could he realistically hide that he'd been shot if he's wearing both a t-shirt and a sweater?

Thanks very much for any info, and please let me know if I can be more specific!

ETA: The car is modern, so it does have safety glass. And to be more specific about the situation, the character is kind of a cocky, go-it-alone type of guy, so he's trying to hide any and all injuries from the woman he's with. His t-shirt would have a hole in it from the bullet (I worded that sentence very poorly above), but he puts the sweater on afterward to cover it up, leaving it unbandaged for roughly an hour (until he thinks he can have the privacy to take care of it by himself).

Thanks for the comments!
Teller of tales

Home video games, circa 1997

(Note: This is a proxy post for someone who wishes to keep hir identity under wraps for an anonymous story exchange. Questions/requests for clarification may take a while to answer, as they're going through two people.)

Setting: Inner-city Baltimore, circa 1997
Research already done: General research on video games; system info was easy to find but individual game info was not.

I'm looking for specific video games that would have been played by black boys between the ages of 10 and 12 around 1997. Research has suggested that the most likely system for them to own would be a Sega Genesis or SNES, or maybe possibly a Sega Saturn.