December 5th, 2009

Daily Routines of Celebrities

I'm doing research on celebrities. One of my characters is an A-list actor and the other is a popular mainstream singer, so I'm trying to find out as much as I can about the staff they'd have working for them. Google searches haven't led to many informative areas, but I've managed to stumble on a few job titles like "handler" and "publicist" and "agent." This is good! This is progress!

What I'm not so clear on is how much contact these folks actually have with their celebrity clientele. Is an agent always on the lookout for his or her client's next Big Role? If so, does the agent keep the celebrity up to date on the process of casting the next project? What does a handler do exactly? Does the publicist set up different things than the agent? I'm guessing interviews and the like (meaning the, em, publicity-related things) are done through the publicist? Etc.

Also, what do celebrities' schedules look like when they're not acting/singing? I know movies and albums can take anywhere between six months to several years, so that's a significant chunk of time taken care of there. But what else is in the pie chart? I know some celebs attend charity functions, others see personal trainers, and there are those who have side projects that have nothing to do with their careers. How long can celebrities enjoy down time before they're off and running for their next project? I'm guessing there's a constant pressure to be Seen and Not Forgotten.

Any information is welcome! Books, documentaries, articles, etc. My search has resulted in a lot of gossip and interviews, but not much about what happens behind the scenes.

(I'm starting to assume I should just mainline Entourage for my research.)

The M11 at night

I have a character who wakes up by the M11 in the middle of the night. Now, I've never been there in the middle of the night, and I don't even know where to begin Googling for this information, so I'm going to ask you guys.

1. How many cars would there be around midnight and two AM-ish? Would there just be the occasional car or would it be as full as it is during the day?

2. What's the maximal distance that you can see London from (it's raining, but not too much)? Basically I need her to look at that direction and see the city lights and go, "So London is that way."

Thank you in advance :)