November 30th, 2009

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Campy Heroes and Quebec

The title pretty much says it all story wise. I write very complex stories.

1) French abbreviations, is le [la] used in french abbreviations?, rules for l'a french, L'Association des Héros Quebecois
2) French villain, French villains, Generic French villain names, Cheesy [camp] French villains, evil French names

- "L'Association des Héros Quebecois" Is this grossly incorrect? Also would it be possible that it might be abbreviated as LHQ or would it be AHQ? Is le/la left out of titles? I looked and it looks like it, but I know in English sometimes we leave in the 'the' in abbreviations and sometimes we don't so I wasn't sure.

- What would be a totally cheesy name for a villain in French? Like "Major Doom" level of terrible? I searched but all I could find was the names of villains who were French in English comics/shows/movies and the names seemed kind of off.

Effects of morphine, quickness of action

This is not really a question about morphine, I've done some research about it and I found almost everything I needed, except for one : how quick does the morphine act, when injected ?
The situation is as such : one of my characters (25 year old female, pretty thin, on the verge of being skinny) must have her thumb bone dislocated and broken (for those who remember my question about how to get rid off handcuffs without the key, that's the same girl). Another character is helping her. She has access to morphine, so she gives her an injection. I need to know how long they would have to wait for the morphine to be efficient ? Also, how does morphine deals with acute pain ? I know it's widely used for chronic pains, or after some surgeries, but normally, in a surgery, the doctors would use something else as an anesthetic. However, my characters only have access to morphine. Would the woman still feel some pain (I would like her to. Not that I'm sadistic, but it would be good for the plot and story) ? At least while the other character is more or less shattering her thumb bone ?
After that, I'll have her on morphine, with injections every five minutes or so to begin with. She will then switch to a less strong pain killer.

I tried reading things about the effects of morphine, and I've seen that the relief seems really quick in movies or such (but in movies, a lot of things are exagerated), but how long would it take to act ?

Also, side question : in the movie Pi, that some of you might have seen, the main character is having terrible migraines. He has a special seringe, I guess it's something like an injection pistol (or whatever it's called in English). While suffering from a really terrible and unbearable migraine, he takes the pistol and injects the painkiller (probably morphine) right into his temple. Does morphine act quicker and better when injected directly in the body part suffering ? Or was it just for the show ? Also, would it be possible to inject morphine directly into an artery ?

I did research on morphine, on the usage of morphine in hospitals, on the dosage used to treat the pain, on different pain-killers used to treat acute pain, on the effect of morphine.

Thanks for your answers !
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MOD POST: Rule reminder

I've been rejecting a lot of your posts lately for not including information on how you attempted to research your question.

I want to remind you that a few minutes spent on Google is the minimum required unless you really have no idea how to proceed, or your question isn't easily turned into a web search. You also need to include keywords to show us that you actually did try, and to keep us from repeating fruitless searches.

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Now, a question:

Obviously, if so many people are forgetting lately, something is wrong with the user info. If you have some time, feedback on this issue is appreciated. What can I do to make it more clear other than add blinkies and sparkles?
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Post-apocalyptic disease - reference posts

This Dreamwidth post and an internal link to a post about immunizations and the diseases they fight are really interesting, and excellent resources for those of us who are doing pre-industrialized world building or post-apocalyptic worlds.

Plagues in your Postapocalypse or Learn to be Terrified of Pertussis.

And Why We Immunize.

*linked with permission*