November 26th, 2009

Beware of People

Concealing a husband's infertility in America and/or Japan

Time: Modern day but the main action for the situation in question is early 2000s.

Place: An alternative universe United States that was conquered by Japan at the end of World War II (because Japan managed to develop the atomic bomb first and dropped it on Akron and Detroit).

Technology level: Relatively the same as this universe.

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Early sixties norms bastard children/hippie movement in the UK

Okay, I have two questions.

1. If people suspected that a woman who was married had a child with someone else, because of the child's appearance (ex. dark auburn hair and brown eyes from a blond-haired blue-eyed set of parents) how would the child and the mother be treated in about 1959 to about 1967? I'm having trouble figuring out how to google it and am not coming up with anything.

2. The hippie movement in the UK. Wiki says that they had "peace convoys" and went to musical festivals at Stonehenge, but doesn't give much more information, when did the movement really come to the UK? Would the term "hippie" still be used, or is "New age traveller" more appropriate? Wiki seems to say that these were more popular in the 1980s, and if they had a permanent home and didn't travel constantly, would it still be a proper term?

I learned that the peace symbol came from the UK and was embraced by the US, but was it widely used to mean peace in the UK or just nuclear disarmament?

Alaska/New York Life

Setting: Wales (Lincoln), Alaska; New York City, New York. Modern times (2006ish)
Searched: Wales, Alaska on Wikipedia. Alaskan Farmers on Google. Worn down New York City on Google; Worn down parts New York City on Google. Music high schools on Google; high school musical focus on Google. Small school lunches on Google; lunch at small schools on Google. Wales School website.

In my novel, my story takes place in a fictional town in Alaska named Lincoln. The population of said town is 400 residents, so it's pretty small. It's in Northern-ish Alaska, so there aren't very many people around. The town is based on Wales, Alaska, a real town with 200 people. (Yay for a graduating class of 3 in 2008).

My questions are 1) What are reasons which people would live far away from town? My main character's love interest lives thirty miles away from town. I was thinking of a farm, but what farmers are in Alaska? What do they farm? Would a ranch of any sort be practical? (Probably not with the cold.)

2) How would lunches work in a school with less than 52 students? Schools are required to provide lunch for students correct? So how would the school do that?

3) My character previously lived in New York City, in a pretty worn down and dangerous part. What's the worst you can get for that sort of thing? My character has an older sister and his mother (who works as a waitress because she can't get a better job). The crappier the better. It's preferably better if it's scary as I want it to be a factor of mental disorders later in his life.

4) Are music schools probable or would an art academy be a better choice? I want my character to go to a music/art school, but I don't know if there are purely musical focus high schools or if there are only art academies. Edit: This school is in New York.