November 17th, 2009

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Penalties for Trespassing in Abandoned Cemetery

I'm doing NaNoWriMo, and two of my characters get busted for trespassing in an abandoned cemetery after dark. My question pertains to what happens when you get ticketed for trespassing by the police. (Apparently, I didn't get into enough trouble as a kid). I've done a lot of research using google, but still haven't been able to understand the logistics of what happens. Some of the information I've been getting is contradictory. It seems to me that the fines/penalties people get for trespassing at this particular cemetery (Bachelor's Grove near Chicago) varies and depends upon the mood of the police officer and/or judge at the time. I guess, the questions I'm looking for answers to are these: Do the cops tell you right away how much the fine is? How much do you think is the typical fine and what is the typical police response (aka would they take them down to the station)? I did read somewhere that in Illinois, if the ticket is over $100, you are required to appear in court. How do you find out when your court date is? When they give you the ticket or later? Also, what typically happens in court? Can they decide to add more penalties there, such as community service? If community service is assigned, how many hours would they typically be assigned? Will the two friends appear before the judge together? Or do they both go before the judge separately? Do they need a lawyer? (Another tidbit I learned in my reading is that these charges for trespassing in this particular place are usually considered civil and not criminal).

Personal anecdotes on what happened when you or a friend of a friend *wink wink* got busted for trespassing would also be appreciated.

As it stands, my novel currently has one of the characters, Ebenezer, getting frightened and tearing through the woods. He stumbles upon two police officers patrolling the entrance to the woods where the cemetery is located. He winds up with a ticket for $600 because he pissed off one of the cops by lying to them. His buddy, Simon, who wasn't caught in the cemetery, swings by to pick him up. He admits to being in the cemetery and gets a $200 fine. (He is also the reason that Ebenezer gets outed as being a liar; Simon is not the brightest crayon in the box). I realize this scenario is a bit outlandish, but the novel I'm writing is something of a supernatural farce.
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You just can't find an app that will translate to Quebecois...

So, I need a line of Quebecois-French for this story. The character has just been addressed with "You've grown so tall and handsome!" and I want him to make a reply of something along the lines of "Thank you. That's so kind. You're looking well," like a kind of bashful and modest teenager meeting a reletive he hasn't seen in a while, but I want it to sound destinctly Quebecois and not something you'd ever hear in European-French. Can anybody help me?

EDIT: Okay! I can't spell! I admit it!

severe complications due to hyperthermia

I have a character who, through non-natural means, is experiencing hyperthermia, as his body temperature slowly but steadily rises. I feel like I've got a pretty decent handle on the basic initial symptoms, but he will be ill to within an inch of his life, and what I *can't* seem to find out is what happens once a person experiencing this loses consciousness. I understand that organ failure is an issue, but I'd like more details on this. I do have something in mind as regards permanent effects of the illness (and I don't mind wrangling the facts a little to get there), but at the moment I'm more concerned to know if after he drops into a coma his internal organs will soon be completely shot or not, as that would certainly put a crimp in the rest of the story. (If necessary I can adjust things a little, as his condition is unnatural to begin with.)

Have checked the community memories and tags, as well as researching 'fever' and 'hyperthermia' on Wikipedia, and googling 'extreme complications of hyperthermia' and 'hyperthermia'. Lots of basic info; not much about the more dire consequences, unless it was in medical jargon that flew completely over my head so that I missed it. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
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Cocaine detox, and private rehab facilities

Setting: Present day, somewhere in North America.

Searches tried: Googling cocaine detox, drug addiction and rehabilitation, looking through the archives here, etc etc.

I've read a bunch of articles and browsed some websites, but they mostly list the symptoms of drug addiction and then info on how to contact places that can help. What I'm looking for is what actually happens to a person in those first few hours/days of detox. Would a doctor need to supervise them, or just anyone who has some experience with this kind of thing? Would they be left alone at any point? Would they need to be restrained? How out-of-their-mind would they get? How long would it take? Would medications need to be administered? All of that kind of thing.

Also, my story is still in the planning stages right now, so I'm just trying to figure out if it can work the way I want it to - a runaway young woman is found and taken off the streets to a private rehab facility in the middle of nowhere (possibly on a ranch of some kind?), where she undergoes an intensive detox program and attempts to get healthy and back on track mentally and emotionally before being allowed to venture out into the world again. Do such places even exist? I mean, it's fiction, so it doesn't really matter if it's based on a real place or not, but I don't want to write it this way if it's completely implausible.

Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

Forearm Crutches

Hi All,
I've read a lot about this type of crutches online, but can't seem to find answers to some very basic but necessary questions.
The story takes place in the United States, present-day. I have a female, teenaged character (college sophomore) with cerebral palsy affecting her hands and legs. She's small and skinny for her age. Again, I've found some info on forearm crutches online, but the descriptions tend to differ, and I haven't been able to locate firsthand accounts that address any of my questions. If you guys can help with any, some or all of these questions, that would be awesome...I don't care if you respond in paragraph form or to each individually or whatever.
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"Forearm Crutches"
"Forearm Crutches" teens
"Forearm Crutches" facts
Etc. ETc. Also read lots of articles and merchandise information sheets.
Thanks for any help!
:) Caitlin