November 14th, 2009

  • aekiy

Magical Language?

Does anyone have any information on magical beliefs with regard to language, specifically written language?  Preferably magical beliefs over religions beliefs; I'd rather know about a culture where, say, people believe a thing written in a certain way will come true than that a particular text is the word of God and therefor sacred or things like that.

I've asked elsewhere for information on both written language and tattoos, because in my mind their connected (a form of language related to body modification?), but everyone just gives me information on tattoos, which is fairly easy to find.  No one's managed to dig up information on linguistic mysticism itself.  Any suggestions?

Update: Thanks so much for all the wonderful responses! The stuff about people actually drinking the remains of text to imbibe its power or Egyptians writing scripts to banish illness, or those little Japanese spell-paper thingies and the Golem legend about inscribing the name of God is precisely the sort of stuff I was looking for. (The latter things I actually already knew, but my brain has not been behaving lately.)
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  • abiquiu

Pigeons taste like...?

Hello there C: I'm looking for some personal experiences related to the taste of things like pigeon eggs, pigeons, squirrels and maybe even lizards and snakes

The setting I'm working with is "post apocalyptic" America, the "apocalypse" having been a sun/gamma burst-caused shut-down of electronics and the chaos/riots/sickness/people failing at survival that caused the already-collapsing-under-their-own-weight megametropolis areas to be partially abandoned, in disrepair and partially reclaimed by nature. I'm trying to configure cuisine that would be found in an urban environment,and besides deer, turkey and other game wandering back in from wildernesses, and aside from game that can be raised in the city and gardens/farms that can be placed on rooftops... I figure pigeons, raccoons and squirrels are among the first meats to show up plentifully on crumbling city menus.

I already binged/looked up some stuff on various sites and found nothing relating to taste or comparison of taste,so a friend directed my question to this community.

I'd love any help or discussion involving this topic! Thanks much~
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USA High School subjects

I have a really small and probably quite simple question. I want my high school character (10th or 11th grade) to write a paper/essay on 'diversity of modern literature' (and choose an HIV+ gay author). What course would it be appropriate for? Literature? Journal Writing? Something else?

Setting: modern (about 5 years ago), USA, Kansas.

I googled 'usa high school literature', 'usa high school literature curriculum', and looked up 'Education in the United States' in Wiki.

UPD The question is resolved, thanks everyone, you've all been great help (not to mention I've gathered a lot more info than I expected).
If anyone's interested, I've chosen Writing Workshop elective.
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Childbirth in the Philippines (1940s-50s)

What sort of medical care would there be in the Philippines in the late 1940s/early 1950s? The character is lower class, and I'm wondering if she would have her baby in a hospital or her home? If she was at a hospital, would a doctor or midwife deliver the baby? If she was at home, would there be a midwife? How would they care for the baby immediately after birth? The baby is a girl, and her mother doesn't keep her. I'm guessing that there weren't adoption agencies then; would she have left the baby in a public place or an orphanage or something? She didn't kill her child, but the child has to get to the U.S.

Surgical anesthetic in the 1950s

Hello everybody,
I'm writing a story in which a 19-year-old girl recieves a lobotomy, during 1953. I know inhalational anaesthetics were in use during this time, but does anyone know if they were used in conjunction with intravenous anesthetics, as they are today?

In addition, whether anesthetic was given inhalationally or intravenously, would it be normal practice to have the patient count down from 20 or 10 or whatever number? I know that's what happens today but not sure about 1950s.

I've tried to research a lot of this on my own but most articles about 50's era anesthetic is way too medical for me and focuses on the drugs and their usage rather than these sort of little bits. Hope you guys can help me!