November 12th, 2009

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What would happen if a doctor was caught practicing euthanasia?

Where: New Jersey, USA
When: Modern day

Some of you may be familiar with the question I'm asking, as it's for a House M.D. fanfic. Let's say a doctor was administering morphine through an IV drip to a terminally ill cancer patient. The doctor tells the nurse the code for the morphine drip, but says it really loudly so the patient can hear. His intent is for the patient to be able to up the morphine, overdose, and die- which they eventually do.

For the sake of drama (and my fanfic), let's then say another doctor figured out he did this. If the other doctor wanted to get him in trouble by reporting him, what would happen?

Search terms tried: euthanasia laws, euthanasia, doctor caught using euthanasia/assisted suicide, assisted suicide, I think some more. I read several articles but most of them are about the legality of it (which I know it's not legal in New Jersey), its history, or the differences between different types of euthanasia. Also I tried searching the tags but I didn't find anything.

edit: In case it makes a difference (completely forgot to note this), this doctor gave a speech at a medical conference basically admitting this story and what his intent was.
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Small town in Ireland

I'm looking for an area in Ireland that would have been aware of Celtic legends in the late eighteenth century/early nineteenth century, preferably rural-- just enough so that a local boy would have some idea of what was going on if he was approached by Fair Folk. Is that reasonable, or would the English acquisition of Ireland have driven most of the old superstitions out of common knowledge?