November 11th, 2009

End of semester in first year of med school

Searched: Wikipedia pages on medical schools (US), "semester schedule medical school", "first year medical school", essay Clinical Experiences in Pre-Clinical Years, SWU's med school curriculum site (actual class material password-protected)

Setting: United States, present-day (well, 2008.)

One of my characters is in his first year of medical school. The story takes place in late spring, as the semester is drawing to a close. Due to some tl;dr circumstances, he has to leave town for a few days. After checking the time one morning, he remarks on what he'd be doing in class at that particular moment, were he still at school.

I've found summaries of first-year classes, and basic course schedules, but no real info on what particular tasks med students face during this time. (e.g., are the classes primarily lectures or do they involve dissection, are there small group projects or is it all individual work, etc.)
If it makes a difference, my character plans to go into cardiothoracic surgery.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Coastal Maine food?

What sort of food might a roach coach/food stall in coastal Maine sell? Here in Arizona, they often sell Mexican food. Do they sell fish on the coast? During a scene where my character is walking along the beach or a wharf (haven't decided yet,) she comes across one and orders a quick meal; preferably something regional. I need to know what that might be.

Any thoughts?