November 10th, 2009


Name for an Indian genderswapped character

Fiddly little name question here.

I want to do something with the genderswapped version of a male character of Indian descent (present day), which means finding a female name that makes sense as an equivalent for "Aasif."

I've poked around sites like to find names with similar sounds, but they don't give me much of a feel for whether the names have completely different connotations, and I don't want to inadvertently pick a wallbanger. (Like how "Ethel" feels very old-fashioned, so it wouldn't be a good substitute for a modern-day character named Ethan.)

Any suggestions?
Red dress
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Human/Cyborg head analogue?

I'm trying to write a bit of Terminator based fic and want John Connor to be practising opening up the head of a terminator to remove the chip. This involves cutting out a flap of scalp (pretty humanlike) and then opening a sealed compartment by using a screwdriver to prise it open (if you've seen T2 of T:SCC you'll know what I mean).

What could he practice on that's easily obtainable? Anything? I know students practice stitching on orange peels sometimes but a peel isn't really big enough to be an analogue of a whole head. Any ideas on what he could use to replicate the chip compartment?

Googling "Human head analogue" and "Human scalp skull analogue" doesn't help at all.

ETA : This is set before Judgment Day. Pigs are still kinda hard for a regular suburban teenager trying to live underneath the radar to come across though. ;)
"Enniel Prussot"

English to Japanese (romaji) translation needed: "Red Moon"

Babelfish just gave me the kanji (which is interesting, but not quite what I was looking for) and I'm only coming up with online dictionaries when I try to work my Google-fu.

I'm mapping out a cracked Twilight/Yami no Matsuei (Descendants of Darkness) fic and I decided, in a moment of evil whimsy to entitle it "Red Moon" (per the way the moon seems to turn red whenever Muraki is out and about and doing his thing; yes, the fic features Edwierd -- er, Edward crossing paths with the not-so-good doctor), but part of me decided to have the title in Japanese as well as English. Can anyone help me out here?