November 10th, 2009


Name for an Indian genderswapped character

Fiddly little name question here.

I want to do something with the genderswapped version of a male character of Indian descent (present day), which means finding a female name that makes sense as an equivalent for "Aasif."

I've poked around sites like to find names with similar sounds, but they don't give me much of a feel for whether the names have completely different connotations, and I don't want to inadvertently pick a wallbanger. (Like how "Ethel" feels very old-fashioned, so it wouldn't be a good substitute for a modern-day character named Ethan.)

Any suggestions?
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Human/Cyborg head analogue?

I'm trying to write a bit of Terminator based fic and want John Connor to be practising opening up the head of a terminator to remove the chip. This involves cutting out a flap of scalp (pretty humanlike) and then opening a sealed compartment by using a screwdriver to prise it open (if you've seen T2 of T:SCC you'll know what I mean).

What could he practice on that's easily obtainable? Anything? I know students practice stitching on orange peels sometimes but a peel isn't really big enough to be an analogue of a whole head. Any ideas on what he could use to replicate the chip compartment?

Googling "Human head analogue" and "Human scalp skull analogue" doesn't help at all.

ETA : This is set before Judgment Day. Pigs are still kinda hard for a regular suburban teenager trying to live underneath the radar to come across though. ;)
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English to Japanese (romaji) translation needed: "Red Moon"

Babelfish just gave me the kanji (which is interesting, but not quite what I was looking for) and I'm only coming up with online dictionaries when I try to work my Google-fu.

I'm mapping out a cracked Twilight/Yami no Matsuei (Descendants of Darkness) fic and I decided, in a moment of evil whimsy to entitle it "Red Moon" (per the way the moon seems to turn red whenever Muraki is out and about and doing his thing; yes, the fic features Edwierd -- er, Edward crossing paths with the not-so-good doctor), but part of me decided to have the title in Japanese as well as English. Can anyone help me out here?
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Symptoms of radiation exposure

This needs a tag of 'post-nuclear symptoms made to order'. :)

I'm working on an SF story in which there was a nuclear detonation in a universe next door. Basically, a few people are able to teleport in this universe by slipping in and out of the blast zone in the other one.

I can get lists of physical effects of radiation exposure, of course. (For instance.) What I need to know is how those symptoms would manifest in the specific scenario I've set up: these people are exposed to severe radiation in extremely short bursts, a few weeks to a few months apart, over an extended period of time. I'm particularly interested in the timescales of visible/obvious symptoms - teeth falling out, skin lesions, etc.

I'm guessing there would be some immediate effects after each teleportation, as well as greater problems established by the repeated trips, but I don't know how the overlap of those exposures would work in practice.

(I remember reading about people who deliberately race around the Chernobyl site but haven't been able to track that down. Any leads welcomed.)

Ideally I want them to be killing themselves slowly - in general, able to keep this up for a few years before they're too physically worn out to continue - but if some people die right away (or others hang on for a longer time) then that's fine as long as it's within normal limits of the effects of this pattern of exposure.

The scenario I've set out is what I'm currently working with, but if necessary, I could manipulate a) the length of time they're exposed, b) the length of time between exposures, and c) the intensity of the exposure (they might be able to shield themselves from the worst of it or be on the edge of the blast zone).