November 9th, 2009

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Roadside protests in Santa Fe, N.M.: still common?

Setting: Present-day Santa Fe, N.M. No parallel universes or fantastic elements.

Specific question: Are roadside protests still common at the intersection of Cerrillos and St. Francis? I remember seeing protests against the war all the time there, but I've not been in town for three or four years. If protests at that intersection are still a common sight, what are the most popular topics? Is Afganistan still a staple? Has the healthcare debate attracted some sandwich boards? If so, do y'all see both sides represented, or does it tend to be just one camp?

Or if that's no longer a popular protest spot, is there another streetcorner that's taken its place?

Previous searches: phrases such as "Santa Fe roadside protest," "protest Cerrillos St. Francis," "Santa Fe anti-war St. Francis," and even just "protest Santa Fe," but the results are for large-scale, organized protests like the one at the Capitol in 2003—by their very nature, the small, serial roadside protests are less likely to make it into newsprint, so any info from residents would be much appreciated.

Edit: The answer seems to be that protests at Cerrillos and St. Francis are very alive and very well. Whether that's because of the traffic volume or the easy access to Maria's up the street is, of course, another question. Thank you, Santa Feans!
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Russian diminutive for Emil?

I'd like to know if there's a standard Russian diminutive for the male name Emil (Эми́ль)? As far as I can tell, it's not a terribly common name (there are a few examples though, such as pianist Emil Braginsky) and I can't find a diminutive for it listed in any of the usual 'Russian nicknames' lists on the internet. This would be a nickname for a young boy (8-12-ish) used by his close relatives, such as his parents, his grandmother, and an adult cousin. The time period is in the late 70s/early 80s if this helps.
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Schizophreniform disorder (I think)

Setting: present-day USA.

I have a character who witnessed and experienced a horrific event that killed her signifigant other, and has had a complete breakdown as a result. She's fabricated her entire history with her SO to the point where she is convinced that her fabrication is reality.

For the purposes of the story, I need her to be in a psychiatric hospital. I would prefer her to be largely catatonic, but I'd rather work around the disorder than change details to suit me, obviously :)

Google-fu tells me that this would be Schizophreniform disorder, although I'm not entirely sure. So my questions are:
1) Is this Schizophreniform disorder?
2) If not, what would be the correct medical diagnosis?
3) Is there anything else I need to know (how she would be treated, etc) that Wikipedia can't tell me? Links to medical sites and so forth would be greatly appreciated :)

Purple/Violet Eyes!

Googled: medical conditions: violet purple eyes; violet eyes, natural violet eyes

Setting: Present day, America

Issue: I have a character with purple eyes. She’s had purple eyes since the story was first forming in my head, and I am loathe to change them to another color. Will if I have to, but there may be tears. And slight Plot Holes, as her purple eyes are sort of necessary to a few plot points.

I understand that purple eyes are RIDICULOUSLY rare, but that they do occasionally happen. I’m wondering if there are medical conditions (besides albinism) or any medications that can cause purple eyes. If anyone could give some google-able terms or even links, I'd be super appreciative.

Pretty much anything will help. Thanks!

PS: I’ve heard that while Elizabeth Taylor did have purple-hued eyes, they were caused by medical problems as a child. Any truth in this?