November 8th, 2009


Rough neighborhoods, ethnic neighborhoods, Strasbourg (FR)

Setting: Strasbourg (France) and Kehl (West Germany), 1950's to the present.

Searched: Copious use of Google Earth and Google Maps; Perry-Castaneda map library via UT Austin; Lonely Planet Guidebook section for Strasbourg and Alsace; Lonely Planet board searched "Strasbourg"; googled "maps", "Strasbourg", "bad/rough/dangerous areas"; Wikitravel. Also looked at what crime reports were available, without much enlightenment. Haven't checked to see if there's a "crime" section in the local paper, but my French probably isn't up to the challenge.

Question: I've turned up some anecdotal evidence that Hautepierre is a rough area now; Wikitravel also indicates that areas to the south and west of the main city are depressed areas, but this last is rather vague. (Elsau? Further out?)

Personal experience suggests that the area around a university is always seedier, but that doesn't seem to be the case in Strasbourg--at least according to Street View.

Via Google Earth, I did turn up signs of graffiti and abandoned lots and warehouses near the port, along the east bank of the city. Still, I could use some more concrete information.

So--where are the rough areas in the cities of Strasbourg and Kehl? I understand that "rough" is relative, here. Nonetheless, there must be somewhere in the city that isn't safe at night!

Bonus Question: What about ethnic neighborhoods? I'm told the area around the Synagogue has a concentration of Jewish businesses and services; I've also seen Neuhof and Neudorf typed as "historically ethnic," though bless me if I can find the source now.

Thank you all in advance for any help you can provide!
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Medieval miscarriage that leads to infertility

Setting/Timeframe: Unspecified "medieval" semi-fantasy

For plot-related reasons, the following needs to happen in my story; woman is pregnant, miscarries either in the second or third trimester, is unable to conceive afterward. My questions are as follows:

1. What would cause the miscarriage?
2. What would cause the infertility? Would it be the same thing as what caused the miscarriage? 2.5. Or is it conceivable that, in a setting with extremely crude medicine, she could either catch an infection or have scarring from delivering the fetus?
3. Is this scenario even plausible in the first place?

Google and Wikipedia are of no help, as my question is far too specific, and the wikipedia articles are all assuming the pregnancy is taking place in modern day.
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Travelling by foot: approximate time?

Alright, so.

Current event summery: Apocalypse is being had. A gifted priest and a demon travel from Japan to Israel and along their way aid those who need to get to sanctuary points and spread Word. They've made it through China and just hit Long Son, Vietnam. The next sanctuary point is St Josephs Cathedral in Hanoi. There's a small school that has been kept together under the protection of a passed Matyre. Within are a little over thirty children and a few parents who, unlike other times have not been found by another guiding angel and need to be taken from Long Son to Hanoi.

Requested information: What is the general distance between Long Son and Hanoi and how long would it take to walk it? Minding that there are children, shit's flying everywhere, everything is in a fighting messy chaos, fire, doom, etc.

Googled: Looked up, or tried to, distance between Lang Son and Hanoi. And failed. I found some blogs though that said it took two days or so biking. I am denser than a block when it comes to Atlases and reading the distance ratio but I think it's about 100Miles. Also, my friend said that it's about 5H's on a train. Not sure what his sources are on that one, but.

I think a reasonable guess would be a week, or somewhere around there. I'd like a little more input on this decision, however.

Thanks in advanced peeps.
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Cheering for Football & Baseball teams in NYC in the 1960's

Where: Commack (Long Island), New York. US
When: Main Character was born in the mid-1950's to Italian-American family. Story takes place in 1985.
Situation: Main character is having a conversation with a colleague from Chicago about sports teams that they cheered for as kids.

My character was born in the mid-1950s and lived in Commack, NY until he was 18. Would he have been a fan of the New York Giants football team, even if they had didn't make the playoffs from 1964 to 1980? Or would he have been a Jets (Titans of New York) fan even though the team didn't exist until 1960?

What about baseball? In the late 1950's, both the NY Giants and the Brooklyn Dodgers moved out West. The NY Mets didn't actually start playing until 1962. Would he become by default, a Yankees fan?

From my research, I know that a Yankeets/Jets fan is a rare combination, since the Jets and the Mets are considered more of the "working class" teams.

As far as my Chicagoan, I know that North Siders are generally Cubs fans and South Siders are generally Sox fans. If my MC lived in Philly, it wouldn't have been a problem either.

Research: I checked the tags for 1960s, sports, new york;; Wikipedia: NY Giants, NY Yankees, NY Jets, NY Giants, Brooklyn Dodgers. Google: sports teams in NYC, traditional fans. Other: fan blogs, etc.
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(no subject)

Hi all,

I have a character taking a train from Kiev to Kolomyya, Ukraine, and I'm trying to figure out what she would see as the train approaches the station in Kolomyya. At the moment I have this line, which is based off of several searches in Google Images, Flikr, Photobucket, etc.

"The rolling farmland outside the window gradually sprouted buildings and turned into the less savory view that always seems to characterize the portions of cities near railroad tracks."

Long shot, but is there anyone here who has entered Kolomyya by train? Am I reasonably close, or completely off base?