November 6th, 2009


Taking off handcuffs without a key

Ok, so actually I simplified it a little, but the principle should be the same.
Main character, woman, in her late 20s (I don't know if it's relevant), very thin with tiny wrists. She has a bracelet on the left wrist, something like that : 

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So, of course, she can't take it off, it was not meant to be. I don't want her to chew off her hand or to cut it off, but she can break a few fingers if it's necessary. How could she take off the bracelet with minimum damage to her hand ?
I tried searching "take off handcuffs without a key" and found some videos and explanations (all involving taking a sharp object to act as a key, so it doesn't work in my case). My question is, do you think by breaking her thumb, or dislocating it, she could take it off ? (and no, she can't cut off her thumb...) She has small hands, small wrists, and the bracelet could almost be taken off normaly, but it gets stuck just below the thumb.
I know it's a very odd question ^^
Thanks for all suggestions !

Are there Aboriginal American myths/legends about Changelings?

Are there Aboriginal American myths or legends about Changelings, human children who are stolen and replaced with non-human children? Preferably, originating from groups that lived in the Midwest of the USA.

I've searched on google, but searching for "changeling" brings up a lot of stuff about "changeling: the dreaming," which is not helpful, and asked a research librarian I know.

Stories about children being flat out stolen, or stolen and eaten, are interesting but I specifically want to know if there's stories about children being REPLACED.

Thanks in advance.

Kidney damage

What would cause pain/discomfort in a kidney, that wouldn't show up on a kidney function blood test?

I need it to be something that wouldn't be discovered right away. So far, I'm thinking of a benign tumor. Would a benign tumor impact the results of a kidney function blood test?

Search terms: kidney disease, kidney ailments, kidney function blood test, kidney ailment not showing up on blood test, kidney damage, hidden kidney damage, underlying kidney damage, underlying kidney disease, benign tumor in kidney, benign tumor kidney test results, blood test results benign tumor, kidney blood test results benign tumor.

While searching with these terms gave me lots of information, I could not figure out the answer to my obscure question.

*EDIT* Preferably a condition that would not show up on a urine test, either. Something that can only be found via ultrasound. Character is a wizard whose magical aura disrupts medical machinery, but ends up having a kidney problem that would have been fine had they been able to see it, but since they can't do imaging on him all they have to go on is blood/urine tests, which show up clean. That's why I was thinking along the lines of a benign tumor, because a malignant one would probably show on the blood test.

So, would a benign tumor impact the results of a blood test?