November 4th, 2009

Britain in 1949 - notifying families of death, London entertainment, railway accidents

Where: Britain, specifically London
When: 1949

Several questions:

1 - I have a character who's lost a family member in a railway crash. How would that character be notified? Would it be a telegram? Would someone be sent to the character's residence?
Googled variants of: railway accidents uk 1949 notifying family (plus, played around with the date.) I've found various ways a train could crash, but nothing seems to be popping up for how the victim's family would be reached.

2 - Related to number one. For identifying the victim, would the character need to go somewhere specific? I know that not all bodies would be recognizable, but would the character be asked to look at any unidentified victims to confirm/deny if it was the character's family member?

3 - And lastly, what kind of entertainment would young people in their 20s be out doing in London?
Googled: I tried various ways of London entertaiment 1940 1950, but I keep running across retro bands/programs. I'm looking for more an idea of what types of parties they'd consider cool, and, if any, era-specific terms they'd use for them.

Any help or search term suggestions would be great.
Sherlock is tired of your bullshit

Police Constable Suspected of Murder

Googled: Arrest of police officer, suspect detainment, PACE code H; gone through tags and old entries here.
Setting: London, around 2006


A police constable is framed for a series of murders (the actual killer is a police sergeant). While he doesn't turn himself over, he doesn't run, either. The frame job is rather hasty, but not obviously transparent.

What I don't want is for this mess to destroy his career, but I also don't want some action hero fantasy scene, either (you know what I mean. The hero is chased by the baddies, and even though he's innocent, doesn't get nailed for evading or anything like that).

What sorts of consequences would something like this bring on my hero?