November 3rd, 2009

London 1665

Hello together,

first I wanted to say that I am no native English speaker, but I will try my best. :)

My co-author and me have written a story which takes place in London 1665. What I need to know is:

1) How was it with homosexuality? I read something that it was a sin, but it was not forbidden. People who were said to be gay would be burned at the stake, but there was no rule that it was not allowed. Does anybody know more? It's very hard to find anything at wikipedia or online.

2) I need to know if there were church confessions allowed in that time or if it was fobidden by the government.

Again, sorry for my bad English and I really thank you for your help.

Theoretical History Art

Would anyone happen to know where to find theoretical history art? I have fourth century Greece and Macedonia in mind for settings, so I'd like to look at recreations/conceptualizations. Temples, statues, streets, roads, markets, rural locations - anything!

I've tried browsing Google, but I haven't come up with an adequate term for what I'm looking for, and so the best I've found is the University of Virginia's recreation of Rome and a few conceptual paintings of the Seven Wonders.

Also appreciated would be any current portraits of Alexander the Great (artwork done in the last century and preferably not based on Colin Farrell).

Thank you all in advance!

ETA: Sorry, everyone! I forgot to clarify something. It's fourth century BC, not AD! I forgot that such things are, ahem, somewhat relevant in antiquity.

Leg injury - is it possible to make love?

Hi, everyone. My first time here - so hopefully, my question doesn't offend anyone.

I'm writing a Stargate Universe Young/Scott fic story which is a NC-17 story.

On the show, at the moment, Young has a leg injury which is getting better, but not 100% better (from short term paralysis being caused by the concussion - I think) from when he was thrown across the room from the stargate.

So, I was wondering how Scott  (male) would make love to Young while he still has a leg injury? How much would it hurt? What is the best position for know,,,to?


Edited: Thank you all for your wonderful help! It seems that pillows is the way to go! Thanks, again! ::))