October 31st, 2009

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Creating a World Where Men Would be Automatically Submisive

Setting: Fanatsy world which I'm trying to have follow typical human anthropological/ sociological trends on Earth. Two countries which are side by side each have a very different society, in one it is the women who are submisive (socially and they are traditionally sexually as well) in the other the men.

Question: Are there any examples of these kind of societies and if possible, do you know what factors created them? I don't care what time period they existed in and they could just be a small society but I need one which would have been/is  24/7. I just need something to use as a reference.

Already searched: matriachal society, patriarchal society, D/s, Dominance & submission, women in Victorian England, women submissive society, men submissive -sexual - pornography

Thank you for your time.
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White Hair for Humans

Been doing some research but either the data isn't out there or I'm asking the wrong question.

I have a story with a young girl who gets into trouble at school for violating policy on hair dyeing and bleaching. Her father is unable to convince the school board that she has naturally white hair.

According to what I've found, among humans only albinos have white hair. However, many animals can. The father is trying to cover up the fact that his daughter is part fox.

Are there any rare pigmentation conditions which could result in white hair in a human female without any other lack of color, such as the eyes or skin?
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Slit Throats

Timeframe: present (2009-2010)
Setting: South Eastern Wyoming (in case the climate could make a difference)

Character A (about 14 or 15 years old, 5'6", healthy but skinny), along with his family, survives the initial onslaught of the apocalypse. They are of course primarily concerned with their own survival, but they'd help others if they can. unfortunately, this leads to them being tricked and ambushed, and the family is killed.

A's throat is slit and he's left to die, but the cut wasn't deep enough/in the right place to kill him (missed the jugular) because the attackers didn't really know what they were doing, so he survives, but he's in shock. He manages to get up and stumble away from his families bodies, with no idea where he's going except 'away'. By complete chance, he comes across other survivors, and they offer, somewhat reluctant, assistance. One of them was an Army Medic, on leave when it all went down, and has done field surgery, so they provide treatment.

Here's the question: What would my Medic do for A? I would assume cleaning the wound is step one, then put in stitches if neccesary, then cover in gauze if available, clean (boiled) strips of cloth if not. What else? They don't have the equipment to provide a blood transfusion, even if they knew A's blood type, so that's out. Medications would be scarce, but I would assume they'd try to scrounge up some antibiotics to give him, and they'd want to check the wound regularly for signs of infection.

Would eating be difficult? I imagine swallowing might be uncomfortable, or even painful, but he would be able to, right?

How soon before the medic might consider it safe for A to travel?

Anything I'm forgetting?

Search Terms: slit throat survive (which turne dup some vaguely helpful links), throat anatomy diagram slit (on google images, which helped me figure out the position of the cut) and "treatment for slit throat" (which gave me either the same links as the first search, or stuff completely unrelated). I turned up links about what would be done in a hospital, but that doesn't help since my survivors have limited equipment and knowledge. I also did multiple searches to come up with some info on Krystal Surles, the 10 year-old girl who walked 1/4 mile to get help after having her throat slit.
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Crossdressing Women in America, 1849-1852

Setting: America, somewhere between 1849 and 1852 (haven't settled on a year just yet).

Searched: Women in America, Women of America, and a lot of things about crossdressing, but I didn't find anything relevant to the question I need an answer to.

Question: How likely would it be that a woman traveling west in a wagon train could get away with going under the guise of being a man? I realize that it won't be easy, but I have a female character who needs to travel west alone. I doubt many women went west alone to begin with (diaries are all seemingly by married women, or daughters traveling with their parents), but this one in particular will dress and try to pass herself off as a man.

Seeing as how it won't be easy, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas my character could use to try and keep her real gender hidden from not only the other men, but the other women as well.

Also note that I think I'm planning to have my character travel from Independence, Missouri, in case that might somehow be relevant.

Planet in binary star system

I'm working on a science fantasy novella set on an fictional planet but I've run into some problems with the physics of it all.

Terms googled: Planets in binary star systems, life in binary star systems and variations thereof. Have read a good deal, but it's still breaking my brain - I nearly botched physics in secondary school. Any help would be appreciated.

Basically, I have a planet orbiting two suns. Its orbit is circular, and the twin stars are both about the size of Sol/the Sun;

1 - How far away from the suns would it have to be to be in the habitable zone and be able to support Earthlike life? Is it even close to plausible?

2 - How large would this make the planet's orbit? In other words, how long would it make the year?

3 - I know Earth's elliptical orbit doesn't affect the seasons much, but would the planet's circular orbit around twin stars affect them at all? Or would it only be the tilt of the planet's axis relative to the plane of revolution that mattered? If there is no tilt, how would that work out? Is the planet's tilt essential for the weather/climate? I'm sort of guessing that if there was not tilt, there would be no weather to talk of.

4 - This will vary, I suppose, but what do you imagine a double sunrise would look like?