October 30th, 2009

Inhalable hallucinogen that triggers flashbacks?

I have this story in which the protagonist comes upon a cave; within a few minutes of entering it he starts to have flashbacks of memory. Later he discovers that other people have had the same experience there, only in varying intensity.
What I need is a hallucinogen (or mixture of them), the presence of which in the atmosphere could cause somebody to have flashbacks.

The character was abused as a child, emotionally and physically (not sexually though), and therefore has some quite horrific memories. Hence the cave. (Come to think of it, he's also a chemistry graduate, so he ought to know. I only wish I could ask him...sigh.)

I read a lot of stuff about hallucinogens, and tried Googling 'inhaled hallucinogen memory flashback' and lots of variations on the same theme; it only succeeded in befuddling me more. Any help, please?
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Foster care in Japan

Doing some last minute research for NaNo and while Google has helped, there are still a couple of questions I have.

I have a family of three siblings, with the eldest serving in the military when their parents are killed in a car crash. Assuming the eldest wouldn't be released from the military to look after his family, the only other family is a sister on the mother's side, who has her hands full with a family of her own. Would she be expected to take the two younger kids in - they're roughly 13 and 6 at this point - or would they go into foster care?

Secondly, I have the eldest brother being dischared from the military on medical grounds some years later - nothing too debilitating for civilian life but something that would stop him serving - so would he be facing much legal trouble/red tape to get custody of his siblings? Middle child is nineteen so not really in need of a guardian anymore, but the youngest is only twelve.

Any help is much appreciated. :)

ETA: As apparently I deleted the time period by mistake, it's set in modern day Japan, for clarification.

Russian names meaning doe, deer or gazelle?

I've got a character who's father is English, but with a Russian father, and a Russian mother.

I want her name to mean something along the lines of "doe" or "gazelle" or alternatively, "deer."

If this isn't possible, and I gave her an English name like Tabitha, would there be any nicknames or diminutives that would mean doe, gazelle, etc?

I've searched Russian names, name meanings deer, gazelle, doe, etc.

Help please.

Frontal Lobe Epilepsy: head trauma as cause, but where?

Character is a 30-something female with frontal lobe seizures (primarily simple but occasionally complex) as a result of head trauma. Does she need to get hit on the exact spot where the seizures will originate from, or can it be any spot on the head? I.e. she receives a blow to the back of the head and it damages her frontal lobe? If not that, will any blow to the front part of the head be enough?

For reference, her tentative symptoms involve trembling (especially in the arms), fear, speech arrest, and grimacing, with occasional loss of bladder control during complex episodes. I don't know if that's necessary, but there it is.

I did plenty of google research but I'm not exactly sure how to phrase the question to get the answer I'm looking for. Thanks so much!