October 26th, 2009

"Enniel Prussot"

People with albinism and blushing/bruises

Google-fu revealed "Albino Blushing Fish" and some inconclusive Yahoo!Answers.

Now, my characters aren't albino in the strictest sense -- they're actually Grigori angels -- but they pass as people with albinism (ie. very pale skin, violet or red eyes). In one scene, one of my male characters gets into an argument with my main female character, which culminates with him slapping her across the face, leaving a noticeable bruise. Will the bruise look worse/stand out more because her skin is very pale? Noticeable enough that it's visible at some distance, and enough to cause alarm in anyone who sees it?

Also, would blushing in an albino be more noticeable than in a person who doesn't have it? I've got one bit where the gal mentioned above is in an awkward/embarrassing situation involving the guy she like and I described her as blushing up to the roots of her hair. In another, the guy mentioned above is furious with someone, enough to go a deep shade of red in the face. I'm trying to nail down a description without seeming too over-the-top.
Not amused. At all.

Describing a fight between a fox and a crow.

I need to describe a fight between a fox and a crow.

Well, it's not exactly a fight, it's more like a lot of barking and cawing, before a human interrupts them.
The crow is chained to the ground and can not fly off. The fox came somehow stumbled upon it.
How would the crow defend itself? I have no clue as to which words to use to describe such a fight.

What kinds of noise does a crow make, when it's fighting/trying to frighten a predator? Caw? Croak? Hiss?
What is its body language?

Same for the fox : bark? hiss? spit? Snap its jaws? Body language, again...

I assume (stupidly?) that if such a fight was to happen (and if the crow can't fly off), the fox would win. Am I wrong? What kind of damage can a crow inflict?
I know for example that the most dangerous thing about a swan attacking is not its beak, but its wings, seeing how they can leave large bruise to grown-up humans.

Googled a lot of things, but the only useful thing I found was a crow cawing recording ;_;
Thank you!