October 23rd, 2009


Dark skin and light hair

Setting: fanfiction set in a magical fantasy universe that is not Earth. Races seem to correspond pretty closely with what's possible on Earth in terms of hair/skin colours and combinations.

Googled: blond hair dark skin, blond hair brown skin, blond hair native american, blonde mongolian, and similar. Most results are either about hair bleach/dye techniques for black people, or are from *kicks Google in the kidneys* Stormfront (a white supremacy group -- don't google it, don't give them any more hits).

Question: How often does blond/e or light red hair occur on people with brown or dark skin? My character is canonically blonde (she's from a computer game) but the graphics are so un-detailed that you can't see a whole lot of her facial features or skin tone. There's room for some imagination. I had been drawing her as being white with blonde hair, but I'm wondering what the possibilities are for her to have darker skin.

I want to keep it within the realm of biological plausibility as we know it in the real world, because it feels a bit too much like fetishizing-the-exotic to just make up some combination of brown skin and blonde hair and say it's natural. (If you have other opinions on this, especially if you're not white, I'd be glad to hear it.)

I do know that there are people from western Asia and the Middle East who are not white but who occasionally turn up blond/e. In the absence of other possibilities my heroine is going to end up looking something like Meiramgul.

SAG Scale

Sag is sneaky or I suck at Google.

How much does a Network TV Star Make, (a regular one, not a BIG STAR, just a primary player)

How much is SAG scale as a TV Extra

An Extra with a speaking part?

A one shot character?

Also, Scale for Late night appearances?

If this has been answered already, well, I'm new to the comm, so, just point me to the prev. post.

Thanks in advance.