October 21st, 2009

  • natane

Help required in household?

I'm writing an AU (sorta) story involving a (most likely) Scottish family, set in the mid-1800s. The AU parts shouldn't affect my question though.

Basic information: It's a house (not a huge one, not on the manor scale) of five people - one of whom is generally bedridden (in the sense of she just stays in bed most of the time), another of whom is often absent.

The house is pretty well-removed from the nearest town, perhaps two hours' ride away? and doesn't see many visitors. The landlord owns several horses (let's say six, for the heck of it because it won't be especially important in the story, and he's rich enough to both buy and take care of them).

I was thinking a reasonable servant presence would be a maid, a cook, and a groom/groundkeeper.

Does this make sense, or would more servants be more realistic?
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Mail delivery and arrival times in Berlin

At what time of day is the mail typically delivered to a person's residence in Berlin? I assume it varies a bit based on location, but is there a range of times during which it'd be expected? Is the timing fairly regular at a given location, or does it vary day to day?

Time period: Sometime this decade; the setting is not more specific than that.

Googled/researched: mail delivery in Berlin, mail delivery times in Berlin, post arrival times in Germany (and several variations on/combinations of those), what time does mail arrive in Berlin... after a point, I wasn't sure what to search for at all to get specific information. So far, I've found information on how long it would take to send a letter/package from somewhere else to Berlin, but nothing as to what time mail is actually delivered each day.

Thank you very much in advance!