October 4th, 2009

MM - Sally: Future 60s Revolutionist

Cigarettes marketed towards women the year BEFORE the infamous Virginia Slims | Buying Archie Comics

You guys helped me a lot with my last question and I have another (I knew I had others but this is the only one I can remember at the mo):

What were some cigarette brands marketed towards women in 1967, i.e. the year before Virginia Slims hit the market.

ETA: Oh, and where would one buy Archie comics in the 60s? Only bookstores or comic stores or would they also be somewhere like a convenience store like they are now?

Russian slums


What are some of the scariest, most dangerous, and slummiest areas in Russia? I'm thinking of the part of a city where you regularly hear gunshots and everything is dirty and sleazy. I'd be happy with something as general as "oh yeah, Moscow has a few scary slums," but more specific information would be great. I just need to be able to name a city or area that will sound realistic to anyone who might happen to know Russia.

I tried searching "russia slums," "moscow slums," "st petersburg slums" etc but nothing really promising came up. There were historical references to slums during various times in Russia and a few pictures of some skeevy-looking areas, but nothing really frightening.