October 3rd, 2009


Where did British troops fight in WW2?

Hi, I'm not actually asking this for a story, I'm asking as a favour for my mother - she'd like to know where did British ground troops get sent to fight in WW2? We've Googled Deployment of British forces and expeditionary force WWII, asked Jeeves and searched Wikipedia and still got nowhere - we don't really need to know where the air force and navy went, just the ground troops - any help please?
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French Police Reaction to attempted gun-carrying near the Luxembourg Palace

Paris, France (2009) near the Palais du Luxembourg.

Character A is wearing a Browing Hi-Power in a shoulder holster while his unarmed (and unwilling) partner follows him around Paris at three in the morning. It's dark, it's late, they're nearing the Palais du Luxembourg; I imagine there would be more security in the area, and I was planning for them to be stopped and politely searched, and then the Browning is found...

What kind of trouble would they get into, especially if Character A puts up a fight, and Character B jumps out of the way and lays low?

Google searching turned up a mediocre article that contained the background information I needed on gun ownership in France in general: http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0BTT/is_159_26/ai_90099728/ As I understand it, one must be part of a gun club for six months and have the confidence of the club president to submit the proper paperwork needed to have guns at home for self-defense.

But otherwise, "concealed carry laws in France" didn't turn up anything for me, and I wouldn't be stupid enough to try this kind of thing... :D (It also seems to me that after doing a google map search that Luxembourg Palace isn't really close to Paris proper, though it is stated to be located in the sixth arrondissement; I'm not sure how this would affect the situation.)