September 26th, 2009

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Taking a bath at home in the 18th century.

Hi guys,

I have a couple of rather simple questions about bathing. Unfortunately my history books are all Regency England or Victorian England, and I need information about an earlier period, namely around the mid-18th century. Google is being singularly unhelpful, for some reason: looking up history of bathrooms and bathing gives me everything about the Middle Ages and the 19th century, but little in between. Please advise. :)

The household in question is rather well-off, with all the appropriate servants.

I. Were baths set up in the dressing room or in the bedroom?

II. If both husband and wife had the crazy idea to bathe at the same time, would they get a bath each (were there even two baths in the household?), or would they take the same bath, one after the other? (If so, in what order?)

III. Wooden baths or metal ones? Hip-bath or a larger one?

Thank you very much in advance!

HIV in the mid-90s to today

Location: Boston and the surrounding suburbs
Time: 1996- present

Googled: HIV progression, HIV treatment

Would a man with HIV be discriminated against or be medically unable to be a nurse in the children's ward of a hospital in 1996? 

How has treatment for HIV changed in the past fifteen years or so? If a man who is HIV+ (let's not assume full-blown AIDS, I want to keep him alive) fell ill now, could it still have drastic consequences? 

I'm thinking about having one of my secondary characters have HIV and have his illness as part of the climax for the second half of my novel, but if that would change his role in the first half then his partner will be the one who gets sick. 

EDIT: so I've been looking some things up, and I'm wondering how plausible it is for my character to make it through about 1995-2010 with HIV. With the correct drug cocktails, is this possible? I'd prefer him not to die when hospitalized at the end of the novel, though there can be the understanding that he now must walk on eggshells. He and his partner just adopted a baby, so....

I'm wondering if I might fare better making him ill from a cause that isn't HIV