September 23rd, 2009


Baggage and Private Jets

Okay, here's the situation:

A party of people disembark a private Learjet at a small but International airport.

* Do they disembark on the tarmac and walk into the airport?

* Do they pick up their luggage inside the airport, or is it taken off the plane on the jetway?

* If they have official clearance, do they need to pass through Customs and Security with it in order to leave?

In my experience, small planes load and unload on the jetway. I've always walked to and from small aircraft, and either carried my own baggage or had it brought to and from the airport on a cart (from which I had the option of grabbing it myself). I flew in a small plane from Belgium to Scotland. I've never flown in a Learjet, though, and although my characters are carrying weapons, I myself have not (nor am I an international law-enforcement agent).

Anybody know?

Thanks in advance!
Fanfic is...
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Some quesitons about skin injuries&recovery: skin grafts vs artificial skin?

Fic fandom: Criminal Minds
Setting/time: Current day, United States (Actually, noting the setting, is there possibly a certain hospital in the Quantico area that FBI agents would use. o_0 (minor query))

What I've done so far: I've skimmed through Wikipedia's "Skin" page and read more in-depth on the epidermis and dermis sections. I've also looked at the artificial skin and skin grafting pages. Oh, and skin repair.

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Harvesting eggs for invitro fertilization

Googled: harvesting eggs, in vitro, minimum age of mother, age of mother, etc, combinations of

Getting a head start on Nanowrimo; my nano novel has a character who's an albino, and the scientists in the story want to implement her genes in a breeding program/genetics experiment. But she's only like, 14. And it's YA, so I don't want her raped, and if they could harvest her eggs and impregnate multiple women with her children, it would be much more efficient.

What I *want* to do, is have them perform some surgery on her under anesthesia, for the sake of the sense of violation, but I'm not sure what the easiest way to get the most eggs at one time would be (the scientists have no concern for her welfare or health.) Or perhaps she's just too young for this whole deal to be worth bothering with?
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Naming conventions for Age of Sail ships

Setting: Archipelago nation with a strong navy and control of sea trade, vaguely based off 17th-18th century England.

Research done: Googling, "age of sail ship naming conventions," "age of sail ship nomenclature," etc. Mostly, I come up with names of different types of ships during the Age of Sail.

Situation: So, obviously, since the archipelago deals a lot in sea trade and has a strong navy, the characters in my story will be dealing a lot with ships. My question is very general ~ were there any specific naming conventions for English and/or American warships (ship of the lines, man-o-wars, sloops, frigates, etc.), merchant ships (clippers, etc.), and (BONUS/optional) pirate ships during the Age of Sail? Basically, any specific motifs or patterns, things ships tended to be named after (mythology, ocean-related things, etc.), or just general style?

Thanks in advance!