September 17th, 2009

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Arrest and aftermath of a boy associated with a criminal organization. With bonus abuse questions!

Setting: Fictional universe based off of modern-day Japan, only with cute little monster-things. (Pokemon universe, but I'm trying to keep things as realistic as possible aside from, y'know, the Pokemon.)

Searched for: arrest procedure japan, "arrest procedure" +japan, getting arrested in japan -foreigner, arrest procedure +japan +juvenile, juvenile arrests in japan, etc; japanese law, japanese penal code; rape, signs of rape, child abuse, signs of child abuse, etc.

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I think I have a fair idea of what happens when an adult foreigner is arrested in modern-day Japan, because that's all I could find -- but my character is fifteen and Japanese. What differences would that make?

I think I have this one figured out -- thanks, guys! In a perfect world, he wouldn't end up being charged with any crime, because I don't want this poor kid to suffer any more than he has. He's a member of a criminal organization, but all the evidence points to him having been kidnapped and pulled into it at age ten, and he hasn't committed any crimes or assisted anyone in doing so. Is it at all realistic for him to be let off the hook, given the circumstances? If so, is it realistic for him to be placed in a group home, as he has no non-criminal relatives to take him in? If not, what might happen to him?

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(all this for Pokemon. I feel like I need to apologize for soiling someone's childhood memories or something.)
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State Championships & Prom in 1990 San Francisco Bay Area

Setting: San Francisco Bay Area (Castro Valley), Spring 1990
Research: Not Google-able, as far as I could tell

My character is a high school senior in the aforementioned setting, and she's talking to an older friend about going to prom. My question is this: would she be calling it "prom" or "the prom?" Her exact lines, in case sentence structure makes a difference, are, "I mean he asked me to [the] prom, which I guess means..." and, "I really wanna go to [the] prom." Answers regarding any location during 1990 are good, but answers from the Bay Area would really help.

Also, as long as I'm here, I have another question regarding terminology/slang. A few months earlier, the same character's volleyball team went to compete in the state championships. Would she refer to it as "states" or something else?

Thank you!

Edit: Thanks again for your input, but I'd like to emphasize that I'm really interested in answers specific to the early 1990s rather than the present day.