September 11th, 2009


French/ Paris Police Backup Call

Does anyone here know what the call signal is for a modern-day Parisian policeman calling for backup?

If it helps, the situation is a fight (with shooting involved) in the middle of the street out in front of a night club. One suspect has been shot and is down, but shots are still being exchanged.

Could someone please tell me - in French and English - what the plainclothes cop in question would say into his cell phone in order to get backup ASAP?

Merci beaucoup!
  • kaitoux

Albinism in XIX century Britain


I'm writing a story set in Glasgow during the 1890s and I plan to have an albino character there; he was supposed to work as a valet to a known gentleman.

What I'm curious about, just how normal of a life could a person with albinism have in XIX century? I know that there was a major social stigma related to this condition and that some people were even shown around as freaks of nature. However, I'm pretty sure not every albino person was treater like that.

Googled: albinism xix century, victorian era albinism etc.

Thanks for your time.