September 9th, 2009


progressive vision loss in children

I hope someone can help me out with a few questions...I'm writing a story in which the main character (about 9) is losing her vision. I had a lot of eye problems growing up and was legally blind by my early teens so I do have some basis for research already, but honestly I am still not an eye expert beyond my own (now fixed) problem.

It takes place in modern times, in the US. I was thinking Retinitis Pigmentosa because night blindness figures into the story plot in a big way, but IDK. I've tried googling "night blindness" and "retinitis pigmentosa" but haven't found much on the day to day living and the progression of RP.

Is there any medical treatment for RP, effective or otherwise? How long before the night blindness progresses into vision loss during the day? The disease doesn't have to be specifically named in the story, but I'd still like to get the details right. If someone out there more knowledgeable knows of an eye disease that would better suit my purposes, pls feel free to suggest it.

*edited to add what I've already searched for, "retinitis pigmentosa" "night blindness" "retinitis pigmentosa treatment" "progressive vision loss" "retinitis pigmentosa prognosis"
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Staying blond(e) without chemistry?

I have no idea where else to ask that...

Does it happen that natural blond(e)s stay recognizably blond into their 30s and 40s? Will exposure to sun make a difference?

All the blondes I knew in school or at uni had turned mousy or peroxide by the time they were 35, so I have no data from observation.

(Background: I have a character who was pale blonde as a teen, and won't dye her hair -- when she's 40, what's a realistic range for how it will look? It's a plot point, otherwise I'd just make her mousy.)

ETA: Answered! Thank you all!

Shot in the leg

I hate to add to the long list of gunshot questions already in the community, but I've gone back a ways and have not found what I'm looking for, so...

Setting: On a ship, in a harbor, in a fantasy universe based predominantly on eighteenth-century Europe, with a tiny bit of early nineteenth. (Setting is not the same as my icon. Icon is there because it looks pretty.)
Searched: assorted combinations of the words "gunshot," "leg," "injury," and so forth. Have also read most of the gunshot questions in this comm.

Situation: A physically fit woman in her twenties, who is used to manual labor, is shot in the lower leg by a single-shot flintlock pistol, from a reasonable distance. It is about five minutes before the ship's surgeon, a very competent doctor, can see to her. He has in the sick bay and dispensary any supplies that might usually be in such a place. How would he go about treating her, and what would her recovery entail?

Thank you for any help.