September 2nd, 2009


Loss of a hand in post-apocalyptic conditions

Setting: Post-apocalyptic Japan

Subject is an otherwise healthy adult male who has lost a hand above the wrist but below the elbow. The wound is a clean cut, but what would be the quickest and most effective way to treat it and what kind of damage to the tissues, etc, can I expect? How likely is he to go into shock? There is an unlicensed doctor on hand to treat the injury, up to and including some crude surgery using kitchen knives and regular sewing thread (though some painful surgery might be in order since the patient is an utterly unlikable bastard and I'm sadistic enough to want to make him suffer a little bit, but not make it obvious).

I've Googled "loss of a hand", but keep coming up with articles on thieves being punished in Muslim extremist-controlled countries by having hands cut off (ick...); "hand amputation" didn't work, either, I kept finding articles on hand prosthetics as well as surgical texts that didn't fit an environment where the nearest hospital is miles away and the characters don't even know if it's standing or if anything can be used due to the post-apocalyptic conditions.
  • natane

furnishings in a room being let?

I have a situation in which an older woman is renting out a room in a large US city, probably Chicago, but I'm not absolutely certain about that yet. Present-day.
The woman is probably in her 60's or 70's, and lives alone - she's renting out the spare room both for a little extra cash and because she's just a bit lonely. It's an old guest bedroom.
Given the situation, i expect it's reasonable that she would leave the basic furniture in the room - especially since she couldn't exactly move it out herself, and has nowhere to put it anyway. But would she also leave sheets/curtains/rugs in the room?
I understand this is largely a "writer's choice" sort of question, but opinions are awesomely helpful.

Another related question - habitat-for-humanity type housing from about twenty years ago (by which i mean it's a small, very standardised house in a low-income suburban area). Is it likely to have central air conditioning? What about central heating?