September 1st, 2009


U.S. Spanish concessive colloquialism?

Present-day U.S. (Northeast; NYC and environs)

Does U.S. colloquial Spanish have an expression equivalent to "all right" or "okay" in a concessive context? E.g. "I jog every morning!" "Uh-huh ..." "All right -- most mornings." I poked about and found a few online dictionaries of Spanish slang, but most of them seem to be covering non-USian contexts. Also, since colloquialisms are the trickiest part of any language, the experience of someone who actually uses them in conversation (and gets away with it!) would be very helpful.

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Pre-existing Derogatory Terms for a Group of People with these Characteristics

So. I'm doing some worldbuilding for a story. Hugely simplified, It's a alternate history story where there was a major global zombie outbreak, coupled with a sudden mini ice age, occurs during the 1960's. The story takes place 50 years after the initial outbreak, when civilization has re-established itself. The story takes place in Northern Australia, where a border has been set up to prevent the spread of the zombies further northward.

Collapse )Any help you could provide would be appreciated.