August 31st, 2009

firefly; inara

Ballet injury that prevents dancing permanently

Modern-day setting, United States.

I'm looking for an injury that a ballet dancer could suffer from that would stop her from dancing professionally. I'd much prefer it if she can still function normally (i.e. no paralysis, or anything like that) and dance a little bit, but nowhere near what's required to be in a professional company. The way I have the story currently set up, she teaches. I'd also prefer it if the injury wasn't due to improper placement that finally started to really affect her dancing after years and years. If you can think of something that's due to anatomy-related things, something she would have no control over, that would be ideal.

I've searched variations on "ballet injuries," "ballet injuries that prevent dancing permanently," "ballet injury prevention," "common ballet injuries," etc., etc. I've also looked through the tags.

Anything you can give me, as well as other search terms would be much appreciated! Thank you.