August 21st, 2009

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Hello hello! I've looked on Google, and on the NYC police department website, but I'm not finding anything that's about visiting people in jail, just about prison. This is taking place in Manhattan, NY, in 2002.

Anyway. I have a character who's been arrested for multiple traffic violations--speeding and so on. He's in jail right now, and I want to have his ex-girlfriend visit him, but I'm not sure of the actual procedure. What would she have to go through to come see him? Would they talk through the bars of the jail cell or go to another room? Could she come see him after he gets his "one phonecall"? What would the jailed character have to go through beforehand? I know there's fingerprinting, but what else?


ETA: Okay, I know there's a difference between jail and prison, but is there something you go to BEFORE jail? Like what happens if you just get picked up by the police?
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assault and campus police in Small Town America

Setting: small town america - nonexistant town of 14,000 in (probably) Iowa; based on Iowa City but condensed and modified.

Time Period: September 2007

Previous Attempts at Research: googling things about assault and campus assault services; looking at my school's website for the same, looking all over ISU's DPS site, looking at my bank's site about credit card theft.

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Allamagoosalum: Real or a creation of Stephen King?

For years now, I've been trying to track down the answer to this question, and I thought I'd try here because everyone here is so helpful. ^_^

I'm trying to find out what an Allamagoosalum is. The only place I've ever seen this term is in several Stephen King stories. Characters in his books have mentioned that it is a boogeyman, present in the folklore of the Micmac Indians.

After much research, I am just about convinced that Stephen King made this thing up as some sort of in-joke of his work. I believe this because no one seems to be able to find any information on the thing (others across the internet have taken on this same search, I've come to find out), and because of a short story written by Eric Frank Russell. The story, published in 1955, is called "Allamagoosa," which is a nonsense word that one would call something when you don't know what it's actually called (like "doohicky," "thingamajig," etc.). It seems natural, then, that King could have read this story and named his boogeyman after it.

But then I started thinking, what if the slang "allamagoosa" comes from a real Micmac Indian word? Everything has its origins somewhere. So, I'm confused and unsure of my logic again.

Any light that can be shed on this subject would be appreciated.

Searched: Google and Wiki, using terms Allamagoosalum, Allamagoosa, Micmac Indian legends, and combinations of all. Also looked at numerous American Indian websites and books.

Support person during surgery pre-anesthesia

Setting: England circa 1800
Searched: surgery, history of surgery, surgery before anesthesia, support person for surgery

Was it common for a person undergoing surgery in the 1700s-1800s to have someone with them for support? My character is having a bullet taken out of his hip and I'm hoping to have his friend in the room with him. This isn't taking place on a battlefield, BTW. He was shot months ago, but the bullet was never properly removed and now it's causing him so much pain that he's willing to let them operate.