August 15th, 2009


How in the world do you pronounce "Gwenhwyvac Guinee"?

So, writing this story, set in an absurd early 20th century England, I had a need for a Welsh character with the most awkward, unpleasant-sounding Welsh name I could come up with. Looking at various lists, the best I could come up with was "Gwenhwyvac Guinee", which I think is a pretty good choice. The problem is, in addition to doing this as text, I'm also doing a sort of radio show version of this, and for that purpose, I'm going to have to actually say this terrible name out loud, and by dint of my choice to give this character an almost-impossible-for-me-to-say name for the sake of a joke, I don't know if I can! 

So, uh. I was wondering if anyone with a Welsh background and/or accent could, say, record themselves saying this and then let me listen to it. Maybe upload a wav file of it somewhere? I know it may be a lot to ask, and so as compensation, I offer below the cut the hopefully-amusing introductory paragraphs for the character.

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