August 13th, 2009

25 May

Stabbed in the leg in a fairy tale

Setting: A fairy-tale kingdom, approximately the Middle Ages.  Vaguely like France, except where it's like Germany.

Researched: Googled and Wikied keywords relating to stab wounds, tourniquets, medieval medicine, and so forth.

A well-muscled twenty-five-year-old woman in good health is stabbed in the upper right leg by a small child with a kitchen knife, in such a way that it spills a lot of blood, but not so much to render the woman unconscious.  She has at her disposal as many strips of cloth as she needs, needle and thread, water, vaguely magical berries, a seven-year-old girl, and a talking cat.

I need her to be able to patch herself up and walk for about an hour on a muddy road.  I can use the vaguely magical berries to handwave any medical impossibilities, but I need to know what needs to be handwaved.  Would she be able to stitch up such a wound immediately after receiving it?  Would a tourniquet do any good at all?  Just how impossible is it, without magic, for her to be capable of walking?  How much assistance would she need in order to fix herself up?  And so on.  Any elaboration would be appreciated.