August 12th, 2009

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D.C.: Jurisdiction in civvie vs. military crime/pre&post-trial incarceration

Hi everyone,

I need to ask for your help on an NCIS-Xover fic I'm doing. This is my first time posting. I have tried to be as detailed as possible, but please let me know if I should include anything else. Here's the set up.

Time: Present. Location: Washington D.C.

The crime occurs behind a gay dance club in D.C., Dupont Circle area.

Two male civilians emerging from the club are physically and verbally assaulted by three out-of-uniform sailors. One of the sailors has a gun. He tussles with one civilian while his friends beat the other civilian. The gun goes off. The civilian goes down. The gun is dropped. The sailors run. The other civilian picks up the gun and shoots at the sailors. One is hit and dies. NCIS takes the shooter in for questioning. He is later arrested.

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Thank you so much for your help! Again, if I can add any details to clarify the questions, just let me know. I have tried to tag appropriately, but will also make recommended changes quickly unless the mods wish to do so.
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Holocaust Teachings in American Schools

I have a character born in 1939 to German parents. They move to the USA after the war, and don't tell their son the circumstances surrounding their move.

I want him to learn about the Holocaust in high school, which he would attend in the mid to late fifties. My question is, was the Holocaust/World War II being taught in high schools at that time, and if so, any details about the angle taken by teachers, and information given to students, would be very much appreciated!

Thankyou so much :)
  • cattrip

Contemporary Maori Culture

I'm trying to get some details on Maori culture as it stands today. I've searched under Maori culture, urban Maori, Maori tribes (or iwi) as well as specific iwis.  I've found lots of good information but failed to capture some topics. so here's hoping that some one can help me.

My MC is the grandson of an elder, the head of a Maori hapu (sub-tribe) or of the whanau (family group). His father has rejected his culture and thus the grandson will be the head.


1. Would there be a chief/head of a whanau, or of a hapu (I am reluctant to use the chief of an iwi)? Is that person significant in the group member's lives, as in would the younger come to the chief for advice and direction.

2. Is there a ceremony to pass on that leadership, before or after the death of the current cheif?

3. With respect to using the poi, would the young men of the tribal group regard it as only for women?

Thanks in advance