August 11th, 2009

HMS Prison Choice

Good morning all,

Scenario:  Local London east end crime boss arrested in Richmond and convicted of sexual torture and murder in a depraved manner of a Yard's Chief Inspector's wife.


1. What sentence would he receive - no previous convictions.
2. where would be the trial be located?
3. where would he be remanded to and is the transfer to Prison fast after a conviction or would he be held in a local jail until room was available in the prison assigned?

Other than watching a few British dramas - no real knowledge of the British Legal system.  Any recommendations on whey to go on the net to bone up would be appreciated.

Thanks for reading.


Prices in 1978's England?

Hello, all you sages! ♥

I'm writing an AU fanfic which takes place in London during 1978 (around autumn, if that's any help). Now, I'm neurotic when it comes to details -- and this is actually sort of important to the plot -- I need to know what a few, very specific things cost back then. Unfortunately I don't know anyone who lived in England during that time, and I've tried various searches using Google, but to no avail. Maybe you can help me?

What I need to know the price of are these things:

  • A plectrum for guitars -- a guitar pick, if you like.

  • A carton of milk.

  • A packet of spaghetti.

Now that I look at it, it looks really ridiculous, but I don't know how to get the information otherwise. One of the sub-plots is that character A buys character B these things, B won't have charity and tries to pay A back, which A won't accept that and they keep arguing about this.
Ought to teach me to just write things set during my own time period. :P

famous ink brands?

When I write, I use a lot of small but significant recurring themes. One that has started to emerge is the use of fountain pens/calligraphy pens/just general non-ballpoint writing tools. I am relatively familiar with the different pens, but for the life of me I cannot find the names of famous brands of ink! Any search I try to run on the subject gets bogged down with printer inks, tattoo inks, T-shirt inks, anything BUT writing inks.

So I was wondering: could anyone point me toward some old, established brands? I have been using "India ink" for now, but I would love to find something a little more, well, creative.

thankee kindly, luvs. i should have enough to go on now. thankee for the lovely, prompt responses.