August 10th, 2009

Wills/Inheritance/Trusts - NYC

My setting is modern day NYC. My MC character has inherited from an aunt a house and a trust for the house's upkeep.  For plot purposes, I don't want the MC's name to appear as owner of the house. Or, at least, I don't want her name to be easily found as owner.

I've read various things on wills and trusts, but honestly it's over my head.

Can anyone simplify?

The MC can be listed as Administrator or Trustee, just not "Jane Smith owns the house at...." I also need her to have fairly easy freedom to sell the house.

A while back, I read about people putting property into LLCs and listing themselves as owners or shareholders of that LLC. Would this be an easier or more logical way of "hiding" ownership? 

She's not hiding money from the IRS or anything, just trying to make it harder for people to find her.

Poisons Affecting Snakes

In my story, a character with a deathly fear of snakes must kill a boa constrictor to escape a room.
Here's the thing: She cannot get too close to one without hyperventilating, which causes her to lose her focus and therefore paralyzes her (so to speak.)

The only way I can think of to kill a snake without getting too close would be poison. All of her normal weapons (magic ring, dagger, stuff like that) have been taken away from her - her ring has actually been fed to the snake and she needs to get it back to unlock the door.
So, my question is: What kinds of plant poisons would affect a huge snake, and how would they be administered?

My Googlefu has also discovered that snakes can die from swallowing an overlarge object. How big must these objects be?

Edit: The death needs to be a rather passive method (like poisoning or feeding it something it shouldn't eat) because Diana can't get near it while it's alive and can move. Stabbing/bludgeoning? Sorry.

Apparently I wasn't clear enough. Sorry!

She needs to kill or otherwise incapacitate the snake to get her ring back so that she can escape. THE SNAKE IS NOT THE REAL PROBLEM HERE - she faces death/sexual slavery if she does not escape. The ring itself is not poison - she needs to find something to kill the snake in order to get her ring back so that she can escape because the door is magically locked. At first, the ring's just in the snake's mouth and then after she attempts to get it the first time using normal methods ( which she can't) then it moves to its digestive tract.
Once the snake is dead, it has no hold over her whatsoever. She is not afraid of a dead animal.
It's a typical bedroom: stone floor, stone walls, four poster bed with a canopy and pillows and bedsheets. A foot locker with a belladonna plant in a pot, a wardrobe with clothes, a log-burning fireplace (the fire is burning), the snake's pen (which Diana, my character, could fit in), a glass window with a pine tree growing outside.
She can't escape by breaking the window and jumping because the fall would kill her, and the pine tree can't support her weight.
The snake usually wanders around the mansion looking for its own food but my villain knows Diana has a fear of snakes so he left it in its pen. The snake can get out of the enclosure by its own volition.
About thirty minutes after the snake swallowed the ring, Diana decides that she needs to kill it.
There is a war brewing, so she doesn't have all day. She has two hours or less.

Poison to order

Time & place: Futuristic, other planet

I tried googling but there are too many websites that just offer general information or information on one type of poisoning.

The scenario I have is:

Healthy 17 year old male healthy has ingested an unknown poison, probably something slipped into his drink.

Starts with stomach cramps within a couple of hours
Over next few hours, progresses to other symptoms (flexible there).
A doctor is brought in.
Over next X days, he is feverish/lapsing in and out of consciousness, or mostly unconscious while friends worry that he'll die.
Finally recovers but is too weak to walk & doesn't want to eat for a few days.