August 8th, 2009

caffeinated wolf

California baseball fans pre-1958

Setting: San Francisco, 1957
Already googled: I can't figure out how to google this, honestly.

Hey, folks. I'm writing a story right now set in San Francisco in summer 1957, so in the interests of period detail I went to see what was going on in baseball then and discovered-- much to my disappointment-- that there were no major-league baseball teams in California then. 1957 was the last season before the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants moved to Los Angeles and San Francisco, respectively, and the San Diego Padres hadn't even been founded yet.

So, what teams were baseball fans in San Francisco talking about then? Would they have been paying attention to the Giants, since that was going to be their team next season? Was team loyalty purely a matter of taste? Or was there some other sport people on the West Coast favored more than baseball, since at the time major-league baseball was focused on the Midwest and the East Coast?

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Disorders Relating To Body Hatred

Quick background: Setting is a "soft" Sci-Fi future. Collapse )

I have read through the archives here, and gotten some helpful clues. I have looked up "internalized racism," "race hatred," "self-hatred," "body dysmorphic disorder," etc. (Via search engine.) Some of these are close to what I'm thinking of in terms of my character's "illness." However, I'm wondering if there's another disorder or syndrome that I haven't been able to find.

Are there any verbal slips, pet mannerisms or tics that might give him away to a mental health professional even if s/he didn't literally see inside his mind?

Also, would this be considered a full-blown mental illness? That is, when the character is finally caught, could it be argued that he no longer knew right from wrong? That he was not responsible for his actions, even though they were criminal?

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I'm looking for as many different idiomatic terms for 'drunk' as I can find. Preferably spanning the whole range from 'just a touch' to 'monkey-fucked.'

All the characters are Americans between 35-60, so the slang terms need to be appropriate for that age group (and can be expressions from when they were younger, if that works), but they're all high-school teachers, so they could easily have picked up expressions from the younger generations.

I'm pretty sure most of my idioms are nation-specific.